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    Hello everyone. I am one of the few university professors with visible tattoos, which is fitting since I also study tattooing as part of my academic research program. As a person with tattoos, my interests extend to early American designs. My current research on tattooing focuses on others' perceptions of individuals with tattoos, among other topics. I am hoping to get a new tattoo soon (already have 4) that represents teaching, but not exactly sure right now on the design. Any advice would be appreciated. Ryan
  2. Hello all, I joined this site last week and so far I have been impressed by the quality of the artwork posted in the forums and the ideas generated. My name is Ryan, I am a professor of psychology a father of two, and I have two tattoos--both "old school" designs, one on the back of my arm and another on the inner forearm. This summer I plan on getting another tattoo of some lettering, just not sure of the placement yet (any ideas?). I tend to favor the old school and traditional designs and envision that most of my future tattoos will be of this variety. This is me. Glad to meet you all.