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  1. I just recently gotten a tattoo of a spider on my lower back side.. It's almost been a week, so it's still healing & applied Vaseline on it I'm not too happy about the shading, is there any way I maybe able to get that fixed? & the two bottom legs. I like it, don't get me wrong, but the shading of the spider.. :confused: Maybe I'm just a perfectionist or something.. So I'm wondering what you may think of it? Thanks!
  2. I know right! Some people are just crazy..
  3. AK143


    Haha, its all good. You can look back in a year, & be like what was I thinking. I do that from time to time..
  4. AK143


    I apologize if I was harsh on my last comment, I'm a straight up kinda lady..
  5. AK143


    I left my ex hanging too, I had too. If I was you I would leave it alone, especially since you were left hanging. I still wonder why does he even message me, if I don't reply back, but if it makes him feel good. It doesn't bother me.
  6. Haha true, I'm sure there are people out there with a not so simple one. This dood has the shape of California behind his ear & he had Cali tatted inside of it.
  7. AK143

    I'm new here :)

    Thank you! I'm actually waiting until I have 10 posts up, so I can post the picture up on the tattoo advice forum..
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    Eeh, with that situation, for sure. Good luck!
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    Reminds me of how my ex is. It has been over a year & he still sends me messages through Facebook & email expressing things too. I never respond back, only because I feel that it's best not to.
  10. I have one behind my ear, its a heart. I been asked if I got it for an ex or something, but that's definitely not the reason. Hearts symbolize love, & I'm all about it. I think it really depends on the tattoo. Something simple would be cute. What are you planning on getting done?
  11. Hello, I'm Lorinda, from the Bay Area. Decided to register because i recently gotten a new tattoo.. & I need some advice, so here I am : )
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