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  • Birthday 06/25/1972

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    Born & Raised in Las Vegas. moved to San Diego in 2002. Have One Daughter - named Ocean - born in 2003 in La Jolla. Had to move back to the hell hole known as Las Vegas and have been hating it here ever since! Moving back to San Diego..... someday......
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    Las Vegas
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    Tattooing, drawing, playing the drums, riding/racing sportbikes, snowboarding, surfing, soccer....
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    Tattoo Artist, Architect (retired)

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    I've been "lurking" from Las Vegas for a few weeks now, mostly watching - well actually more like just listening to the artists interviews as I draw.... So I decided to join in on all the fun.... hope to see more interviews, I thoroughly enjoy them - they feel more like a casual conversation between two friends instead of an interview.... They ask the questions that I think most people would want to ask. keep them raw and unedited please - they have an exceptional organic quality to them - unscripted and unrehearsed. Cheers!
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