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  1. Can't wait to see it finished! :) Do you know approx how long it will take to shade?? It's funny... some of my pieces I wanted to sit there longer (it was a fun night in the shop and wasn't very painful) and others I couldn't wait til they were done... but I've not done over 3 hours yet.
  2. Ohhh that's the exciting part! So how long did you sit for that?
  3. Thank you! Yeah my tattoo artist said he had definitely never seen Paisley in color before (he originally thought when I said color I meant the outline)... it was really fun filling that in together. I used a henna type pattern as a guide and we inverted some of the darks with lights. I know not every line is perfectly straight... but I am ok with that as tattoo'ing is a hand drawn artform and not like screenprinting. hah - yup lighthearted... I'm a girl, after all. I do love looking at the other styles and the bad@$$ skulls and horror pieces... but I definitely couldn't pull it off (and wouldn't want to try). I like the dragon you have... is it done or are you filling it in? I am planning on a half+ sleeve when I finish my leg... but one that is all one piece.
  4. haha well I feel old when I am on those things now. It's just I end up with headaches. We have Busch Gardens in our backyard now and they have some nice coasters. I love Milennium... because it's a souped up and smoothed over version of my prior favorite... Magnum! Thank you!! I am still undecided if the newer one has too many skinbreaks... but thinking that might make it pop more when the background is filled in.
  5. Awesome!!! Unfortunately... I am getting to the point where I don't like being shaken around as much - LOL. Feeling old but oh well. The last *new* one I did was Top Thrill Dragster... man that was scary. I only got in line because it had jsut come up after a breakdown so the line was SHORT (and it took hours to get through it usually)... I didn't have time to chicken out.
  6. Ah Gators! That's where my boss's daughter went and where my coworker's daughter goes now :)
  7. Ah I do miss Cedar Point. Where did you live in FL?
  8. Eastlake and then Mentor (I count Mentor). You know where it is, right?? :)
  9. Awesome! I don't have twitter so I will need to figure this out. LOL I did just upload pics of my work. It was all taken on an iphone by a non-iphone user inside with flash, tho. Ugh the pics are not good and are often blurry - not really showing how they look but it's better than nothing.
  10. Tifffany


    A realistic pineapple! It looks better without the flash.
  11. Tifffany


    2nd piece of paisley...underlaid on sugar skull and still healing
  12. Skeletons from "Silly Symphonies"
  13. Tifffany


    Another view of paisley... with flash
  14. Tifffany


    All my tattoos
  15. Tifffany

    Dancing skeletons

    Skeletons from "Silly Symphonies"
  16. Sugar skull and rum bottle. The sugar skull is not really crooked... it just moves with my leg
  17. My first tattoo. Really blurring now.
  18. Tifffany

    Flower on my torso

    Really old and starting to blur. I am thinking of getting this worked into a lady head.
  19. Thanks Scott! I saw some of his work on his website and it was quite amazing. I will have to specifically look for his lady heads there
  20. Hi Dan! I see you all over the place and it's nice to get a welcome from ya. LOL Just worried that I will end up like those ppl on InkMasters (I know, I know) that are perfectly happy with their tattoos until the judges (and the rest of the world) points out how awful they are. I have 11 pieces now but most of them I am pretty thrilled with. I will work on getting some good pics (I have some but in the case of my older tattoos... they don't look that sharp anymore). - - - Updated - - - Also I need to figure out how to add pics on here...
  21. Hi and thank you for the welcome! I don't have pics now and not sure if I want to open myself up to that sort of criticism with all the majorly famous artists people here use. My first 3 are from OH. The first was a very generic flash art fairy from my cousin's (now ex) husband. He wasn't a scratcher... I went to the shop. Other 2 were from a shop local to me in OH. A flower (pretty generic) and a skull and xbones (still loving this one)... all pretty small. Since moving to FL I've been going to Atomic Tattoos. I know there hasn't been a ton of mention of them here. I only recently found out about RedLetter1 (from this page). I am thinking of getting a ladyhead on my torso someday (to build off/cover up/integrate a flower I have there that didn't age so well)... do they have someone there that is known for them? I am so over generic flash... I will work on uploading some pics later! - - - Updated - - - Also I am not sure what sort of "style" I prefer... definitely not super traditional. I have some "cartoony" type pieces and I really do like fine-lined pieces. I think my next one will be a (custom) tiki to finish up my lower leg between the knee and ankle.
  22. Hello! I'm new here and have been lurking for a little while. Got my first tattoo in 2005... got a few around then but then none until last year (got 2 then) and now this year started ramping up the number. Working on a partial leg sleeve right now... Just wanted to say hi to everyone
  23. I'm new here and have just been lurking about a week but had to sign up to tell you how much I LOVE the way your hand turned out! I adore skulls and don't often see that kind of color on a guy. Sorry that was for Vinn. I thought it would say who I was replying to.
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