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  1. ahh good old marin, thats my hometown! (terra linda actually)
  2. I'm jake, like i said i was here a while ago but now im back. I'm in the navy and im a big fan of traditional sailor style stuff (big surprise i know) right now im trying to plan out some new work to finish off my right arm when i get back to the states so im on the prowl for some old flash to get some inspiration. See you guys around!
  3. Awesome, thats exactly what im looking for! Funny thing is, i would drive by that shop all the time but never got around to stopping in haha
  4. Figure this would be the place try this, SAN DIEGO, anybody know of any good shops/artists specializing in traditional style work? Theres so many damn shops out there and i dont really have the time to go to everyone of em looking at portfolios, any leads?
  5. Being in the navy travel is part a big part of my job. But being in the middle east i get ton of dirty looks from the locals, it could be scantaly clad hula girl on my forarm (you know how they feel about women anything revealing lol) But to be honest, a dirty look is not the worst you can get here haha
  6. sailorjake


    "homesick at sea, seasick at home"
  7. hahaha hell yeah, im back stateside in april for 6 months but who knows how much time ill really have between training and schools and shit, id really like to get together with everybody for a BBQ or something, i havent seen anybody since the powerhouse/doomsday device show over a year ago! I miss you motherfuckers!!
  8. hahahah hell no! that thing is still going strong! i love to show it off ahahahah, but i sure do miss the prospecting days, and i miss the member days too...
  9. im pretty sure loch remembers this one...
  10. Whats up everbody, names jake lochlan told me about this site finally got around to registering, Im originally from the SF bay area, been in the US Navy for about a year now. Was stationed in San Diego but as of right now im out here in the sandbox. Cant wait to get back to san deigo and be able to start getting tattooed again!
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