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    Hello...I am new to LST. I am a tattoo fan, but not an aspiring artist. I will leave that to those who know the craft. As for me, I mostly just read the forum posts, learn things, come up with topics to discuss with my tattoo guy, and laugh at those who think they have a corner of the market on everything tattooing. Here is my intro thread...happy inking!
  2. I am not professing to be tall or bulletproof; I am simply commenting on a thread. I didn't drone on...I NEVER professed to be an expert at anything other than my field. But you're right about one thing: I am judging those of you who behave badly. I've followed the threads here for some time as a lurker; I have several tattoos, admire those who excel in the field and do quality work, and I am interested in reading intelligent discussions about the art. I rarely feel the need to jump in, and am usually happy being a spectator. However, the original poster DID NOT violate any of the LST ru
  3. I am not a tattooer...I am a tattoo collector, and I am interested in the forums. However, I have noticed that many of you are quick to ridicule or jump on anyone who asks a question about tattooing. Please allow me to remind you: The goal of LST is to create a positive and respectful place where both tattooers and collectors alike can access a wealth of information about Tattooing, share their own experiences and perspectives, and cultivate valuable relationships within the tattoo community. I think the original poster was respectful, asked a legitimate question, was trying to access yo
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