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  1. Third session on this demon samurai by Nikko at the Bay Area Tattoo Convention
  2. I really don't know what made me do the first one tbh. I think it was more of an impulse thing. Plus I knew it wasn't going to be too bad since the artist is so light handed.
  3. Whenever I would post the previous nipple pictures all my friends would bring up the nipple lol. It was never intended to do the nipple, but since I already did the other one I felt this one needed to be done to flow better
  4. Thank you! I think what helped me was I over hyped the pain beforehand and when it got time to do it it really wasn't too bad, even with Shige being known to be heavy handed.
  5. Likewise! You guys got some cool pieces and funny how we ran into each other!
  6. Thanks! Last night was only 3 hours but total for Shige was 15 hours and 8 for Jeff
  7. Finally finished the collab with Shige and Gogue last night. Did the lower burgundy chrysanthemum and my nipple, along with a few small touch ups. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMBcOruDBeN/
  8. I just got my second nipple done last night by Shige. Will post pictures in Latest Tattoo Lowdown section
  9. No one is going to help you copy someone else's tattoo.
  10. Nikko finishing my demon samurai piece at the SF convention
  11. Yup he is only there for 2 days. He is finishing up a chrysanthemum he outlined a couple years ago. Hopefully touch up a few spots here and there!
  12. confirmed with Shige at Diamond Club to finish up my stomach. bittersweet ending...
  13. Thanks for the response all. I feel a little better but it sounds like most people have mild irritation. I get these full on water blisters, not just mild irritation, but even then it sounds like others have had the same thing and continue using it so I may still use it
  14. Sounds like it's a fairly common problem and it has been happening to me for a while (first time was 2 and a half years ago) and it seems to happen on more sensitive areas (inner thigh, inner chest near put, etc). The previous areas were all on clean skin so they have since been tattooed over but I am worried that it might scar if it happens over a tattooed part of my body and I would be pretty upset...
  15. Anyone else get scarring from Saniderm, especially on the "edges" or "border" of the Saniderm? I get it at a pretty frequent rate and I am getting tired of it. The problem is I love the convenience of the Saniderm so much that I am almost willing to live with the scars... this really bums me out. The picture is 3 weeks after my session and I have been putting bio oil and other stuff on it. Anyone else have this issue and a possible remedy?
  16. Josh Duffy hands down for bng but if you want minimal bng maybe Anthony Triana, Stephanie Flannery, Paolo Acuna. I know there are others just can't think of them off the top of my head lol
  17. Got in a short session with Jess Yen on my in progress back piece https://www.instagram.com/p/BIbWbdxjxB3/
  18. Maybe if you seen the other threads that she started on the other forum(s), that might change you mind. Not just the one that was linked.
  19. Got this collab from Timmy B and Andres Acosta at the stacked Lake Tahoe convention. Took about 7 hours
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