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    I started getting tattooed professionally 30 years ago......my first tattoo was done by Juli Moon at Dragon Moon Tattoo in Baltimore, Maryland! Since then I have been tattooed by 102 different tattooers.....seeking out the best possible tattooers I could to do the work! In the summer of 2011 I was asked if I would like to apprentice to tattoo by a tattooer in Philadelphia....and after some thought I decided I would like that...however that did not work out as I had hoped it would! I was asked a few months later by another tattooer in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland if I would like to apprentice under her! I thought very hard about it and decided that this really is what I would like to do....so i told her yes! I finished my apprenticeship as of June 13, 2014 (Friday the 13th) and am tattooing at Gemini Tattoo in Odenton, Maryland! Anything else you would like to know....please feel free to ask!
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    Baltimore, MD
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    Being tattooed by the best artists possible, Guns, Camping, Family & Friends of course!
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    U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs - Professional

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