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  1. Good things are happening in your life. I wish you the best. :o
  2. Great. Now let us get along. Was just looking for opinions. Thanks.
  3. Mod please take the time to lock this thread. I was not meant to stir up drama.
  4. Wow. Did not think his work was bad. Ya know I am not sure if all the pics are his but I would think so. We will be in his shop this Thursday to look. And get a better idea. Possibly we will go to the Capitol to talk with other artists. Thanks for the constructive feedback. - - - Updated - - - Honestly you have hurt my feelings. How can I live another day? :o
  5. Funny I asked some of my buds here in Dallas and they thought they were very good. He has at least 200 pics to show but I have to photobucket them first then repost here. I will put up a couple more. Maybe you will change your mind and maybe not. I DO thank you for being honest. Because if ya'll think they are bad then I do not want my wife to use this guy. Again thanks.
  6. Attitude? LOL There is plenty of that here in this forum. I own and operate my own forum Owner/admin. and have done so for 7 years. I posted these pics because this artist owns a tattoo shop in Punta Cana, Dominican, Republic. And my wife might have him perform a tattoo. The thread on this topic reads "Do you like these tattoos" and then Slayer posts " I also don't understand what you are trying to get at with this thread." it is obvious Slayer by the title of this thread. But I guess it needs to be spelled out for ya. Sweety, Hogriders attitude comment without a doubt applies to you. In my
  7. Do not try to think to deeply into this. It will stress you. Just looking for honest opinions.
  8. Would you say that you are darker or lighter skin toned than my wife? Her pic is on page 2 of this thread. And thanks for the input.
  9. Ok. She is in the Dominican Republic for the next 5 months and I am going to see her next week. We connected with a artist in Punta Cana,Dominican Republic and he did not recommend it. But he was not sure because everybody is different. He gave no guarantee. Thank you for your support.
  10. Tried to open it but it won't. Am on the iPhone. Will try when I get home. And thanks Ok.
  11. My wife is wanting to get red and blue colors on her tattoo. Can someone please tell me what is warm or cool complexion mean? In this pic would red and blue work on her skin tone?
  12. Nagua

    1st Tat

    Exactly. I will cut with scissors thin strips of the duct tape to hold covering on it. Wife will be getting hers the last day we are in Punta Cana so swimming will be limited.
  13. Thank you going now.- - - Updated - - - Her is a pic of her. She is dark when you compare her with me. Am wondering if colors would look good on her skin tone. She has a headache in this pic with shades on. LOL. :o
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