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  1. David, Thanks for your thoughts. It was done at A-1 tattoo in west St. Paul. The same artist did my other tattoo and I love it and get compliments daily. I will be going to 7th street tattoo in St. Paul to look at getting my sleeve done by Dan Lowell. I will probably go back get it fixed and then be done with the artist that did this tattoo. It's bothersome since I paid good money for this, just to watch the color come out and lines be broken and deal with major scabbing. thornton8000
  2. David Flores: it is a confirmed infection from doc and tattoo artist. He addressed that yes it's infected, yes lines broke during your healing and yes we need to touch that up and fix color that came out in the healing and scabbing process. Everyone that has seen the tattoo said that he rushed it compared to my other tattoo, and that lines are not consistent on one arm its thin than goes thicker granted part of that will be covered up after the rest of the tattoo is done, but the fact is it's not 100% how I wanted it. I'll add photos here of how it looks in my next post. thornton8000 - - - Updated - - - Here are photos of the inconsistent lines on the arm, chest, and crotch area, that are scabbing and broken lines. And scabbed over hat on head Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, thornton8000
  3. pin up girl healing and with scabs and broken lines
  4. pin up girl healing and with scabs and broken lines
  5. pin up girl healing and with scabs and broken lines
  6. irezumi: Dan's going to call me this Thursday. Saw spencer at that shop today and showed him my latest tattoo and he even agreed that I was over worked and that I have an infection there now and I'll be checking them out for my next tattoos and from there deciding on who will be doing the rest of my tattoos from now. Thanks for the suggestion, if you know give me your name and I'll let him know you sent me! thornton8000
  7. Chrislj54: I've heard they are good, from people that my wife knows that have been there they have had a bad experience, I'll be going to dan Lowell at 7th street tattoo, that was recommended from a member on here.
  8. color ink may be my issue, B&G I had no issues with whatsoever. The artist I use has a great reputation with everyone I asked before going to him, I think he made mistakes since (the more I look at it), that he was rushing the tattoo. (Tattoo appointment was at 2:30pm he didn't get started till 5:30pm, he was finished at roughly 7:15pm) It seemed like he was having issues getting color to stay and look good. I don't know I'm just frustrated with the last experience and with how this tattoo is healing. Makes me just question if I should go back there.
  9. deadsp0t: I'm not sure, the last one he did was no issues, this one the day after it was done it was bubbling, and hard eavy scabbing and it wasn't the same as the 1st one he did for me. Not sure which way I'm leaning, other than I feel he rushed the last tattoo.
  10. To a tattoo artist after your new tattoo getting infected? This is my newest dilemma, find a new one or stick with the one that has done all my ink. (Granted it's only 2 tattoos) The first one he rocked it, the newest one looks like a rush job, found out today it's infected, lines are not consistent. Reason I ask is I plan on getting a sleeve done on the other arm, and a handful of smaller tattoos in the future. You guys here gave me a guys name I'm checking out tomorrow and will be talking "shop". Since the style I want is Japanese for the sleeve, I want to make sure it looks great. Thoughts ideas throw them at me, so I can make the best decision I can. Thanks, thornton8000
  11. Scab looking ones yes, went to the doc since a broken line on the pin up's breast looked like the skin was cracked, found out it's infected. Taking oral meds for 10 days, hope it clears up and when healed can get it fixed to make it look good. thornton8000
  12. Hello everyone, So my son was looking at my pin up girl tattoo, he goes dad your bleeding! I've been keeping lotion and a&d on it and it cracked and noticed a few other places that did the same. Is this something that will require a touch up or will all be good and well when it's done healing? Thanks for info from everyone who's had more tattoos than I have. My B&G dream catcher never did any of the things my color pin up is doing so not sure why this is happening. Thanks everyone! thornton8000
  13. I've been using AD for covering it with this and my other tattoo, funny thing is After washing letting it dry and applying a very fine layer of tattoo goo salve the bubbling went down and is starting to look better, but I agree with another poster that too much ointment, with the AD i'd try to keep it thin but wasn't always successful but with goo its easier. I'll keep y'all updated with how the go works for me going forward. thronton8000
  14. It was clean the day of and after and today this is what it looks like.
  15. This is what I mean by bubbling. Let me know what you think.
  16. thornton8000

    Pin up

    Pin up
  17. Hello, If there are threads like this I couldn't find it sorry. My 1st tattoo was gauzed wrapped, and the healing process went great! My most current tattoo was Saran wrapped and certain parts are bubbling. Is this normal? It's not the whole tattoo just certain parts, that I know my artist had to go over a few times and used different gauge needles. I'm not too worried about the healing, just wondering if the difference in the until wrapping is what could be causing this? Input would be great! Thanks all in advance. Thornton8000
  18. How much is to much for bringing in pictures to make one tattoo? I ask since I don't, and my family doesn't have a picture of my fathers favorite car he used to own. I'm going to have it tattooed on my arm, I've found about 5 different pictures that pieced together in a drawing, that should make it close to what the car looked like. Reason it's harder is it was a custom classic car my father fixed up. It was a 1967 Pontiac bonneville convertible, had fins on the rear, custom paint job, and it was his "baby". To compliment the tattoo on the top of the arm, I'm trying to find and think of a classic pin up girl. (By arm I mean closest to my wrists) Thoughts accepted and more, Thanks everyone, Thornton8000
  19. The koi/dragon would be the only thing on my right arm, and plan on really good colors. Just have to find out how long for the outline, back issues keep me from being able to sit for extended periods of time. I only have one tattoo right now can't wait to add to it!!
  20. the pic was just a base starting point, and I love Chris Garver's work! I've been using A-1 Tattoo in West St Paul Mn. The artist that did my dream catcher is excited to do a Koi/Dragon, he's done Japanese art before and I like the works he's done. This tattoo would be on the other arm not the same as the B&G and the Koi/Dragon would be from wrist to shoulder. I like the info here and everyone knows more than I which is why I'm asking here for input!
  21. Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide on which tattoo I should think about next. I'm torn between a pin up girl on the top of my left arm, right below my dream catcher on the same arm, or a koi turning into a dragon on the right arm. The right arm would require multiple sittings, which I'm ok with or one sitting for the other arm. Both would be color and am wondering thoughts on color right next to a black and grey tattoo. If I did this right this is a general idea of the koi/dragon I'm looking at getting but letting the tattoo artist add his own style to it, since I like his tattoos. The right arm would go from my wrist to my shoulder. Just want to know other people's thoughts.
  22. Ricky Prescott A-1 tattoo in west St. Paul mn. Once healed ill be adding to it. He's done good by me and I'll be going back for more also!
  23. I finally bit the bullet at 33, had not decided what I was going to get done. I asked my mom if she'd be ok with a in memory tattoo of my brother who was killed in a auto accident. She stated well your little sister got one before you, and it's your body if you want to get one or 100 done it's your choice. Just had my dream catcher done and haven't shown mom in person, but with Facebook I'm sure she's seen it. All in all she's ok with them as long as us kids are happy with them.
  24. First tattoo done by Ricky Prescott at A-1 tattoo. Can't wait till it's healed to finish it, decided to have the feathers represent my kids and wife so I have to add when it's all heled.
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