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  1. I do have pics, but where I am at right now its hard to upload them. Yea I am kinda worried about the tattoo ban, but I have heard that since I am already in, I will be grand-fathered as long as I dont get any more.. Thats not gonna happen!!
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Jason. I am originally from TN, but stationed in KY.. I joined this forum because I am a lover of tattoos. I dont specifically stick to one genre. I like all tattoos as long as they are good pieces of work. I currently have 34 tattoos, and definitely plan on finishing up some running projects and getting more. I have been intrigued with "tattoo style" art since I was a youngin. I used to get in trouble in school for doodling instead of paying attention, and that artistic aspiration has eventually blossomed into that actual tattoo lifestyle. I hope I can get
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