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  1. Hey thanks for your opinion. I have not been looking at this place for a while now, since someone I know had his tattoo done there ( simple text ) and the result was a little (to me a great deal) disappointing. I am now looking into tattoo shops in near countries ( Germany, The Netherlands and France ). I am willing to go far for the tattoo if that means I get a great looking one ;) As for my designs, I'm not 100% ready and need the help of a tattoeer, but I'm stuck at that...
  2. Perhaps not. I have been looking around as well asking around and I ended upon this place: Xtremetattoo.be They seem to be doing it pretty well. They have done some real good tattoos as you can see on their Facebook page/website. @forum, should I go to another subforum for these type of questions? ( tattooshops etc. ) I don't want to mess up the subforum about wolves... Thanks again for the responses!
  3. Yes, I'm going to get a Black/Grey tattoo of a wolf. The artists should be able to draw the tattoo for me, and as goes for his/her skills, they need to be able to tattoo without this ink pre-lines. I'm not saying they should work always like that, but if necessary, they should be able to. This is some kind of skills measurement for me ;) Again thanks for the answer! Greets, Jake
  4. Someone mentioned a tattooer at my introduction, he has his place in Luxembourg. I checked out his website and seems like a decent tattooer. However, I only saw the 'old school' (this time I mean the coloured ones, not grey/black ) designs at his place. If you have some good suggestions, I can perhaps look into these shops and decide where to go. I live in Belgium, since it's not a big country, I have no problems with shops in near countries such as Germany, Netherlands or France. Just a good place will do for me ;) I really appreciate the effort! Greets, Jarrick
  5. I really appreciate the honesty at this forum. I was thinking of taking the idea to a tattooer, but everyone I know that has a tattoo, got an existing design / drawing. The one I want should be drawn specially for me.. I haven't heard of such a place yet... and let's be honest, what tattooer can@wants to make a design ready to be tattooed? Just some things I was thinking about for a while now... ;) Greets, Jake
  6. I do, actually. I was wrong using the terms 'new school' and 'old school', since it's the other way around. Sorry for the confusion, but I can see that you know what I meant. As for my tattoo, I still haven't got one... My brother got his tats and I can't wait to get mine ;) I have some ideas lined up, but I'm looking for more pics of how it's going to be in reality, not just the idea. My ideas: - A sprinting, little bit agressive wolf with underneath a quote from Jack London ( I'm totally a Jack London fan ... that's where the whole wolf idea came from ) - Face-only tattoo of a wolf, perhaps small text underneath, but not necessarily... If anyone has some good ideas for the drawings or some remarks, let me know ;) I'd appreciate it. Greets, Jake
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    Nice introduction :)
  8. As I mentioned in my introduction, I love wolf tattoos. I now see that the topic hasn't been updated in a while, but I hope it will soon ( with mine included :) ). I'm not quite sure what I'm about to get, but yeah, definitely something with a wolf in it! I can see that most people are into those new school tattoos, but I prefer the old school / more realistic ones. Hopefully I can get some inspiration here, if this thread eventually gets updated ;) Hope to post my own piece soon!
  9. However I'm not quite into coloured tattoos, I do like these! I like the one on your forearm!
  10. @HaydenRose, now I understand what you were trying to say. @Fermin, It's funny indeed that there are lots of people who're saying the same as I do, about not wanting to get the whole body tattooed, and afterwards they do. With me it's a little bit different. Here in Belgium, it's almost like a taboo, having tattoos. People judge you when they see even a small tattoo, and I'm sure you understand that it's quite hard to find a high educational job ( I'm studying to become SAP Consultant ), when you're all covered in tattoos. As I mentioned before, I do like to see a lot of tattoo styles, even sleeves etc., but I'm not getting one like that, because that's not what I want on my own body. It was actually a big step to say: I want a wolf tattoo on my back, knowing that, that is going to be a big piece. The other ones I mentioned aren't that big and are easy to hide... I do have the utmost respect for all you guys, I love to see that there's still people loving some good body arts!
  11. I meant ( and said ), that I am not the type of guy who gets his whole body tattooed. No offense to the ones who do ( some sleeves I even like ), but that's it: I like to see it, not to get it myself. I make an exception for having a few tattoos, almost non-visible when wearing clothes. Thanks for the info about the threat, I looked it up immediately! I went to their webpage, and it seems a good place to me. I have some others in mind too, but I'll post it here before I go. @HaydenRose: What do you mean with, 'Black is not a color found in nature' ? I'm pretty sure it is: coal, graphite, ebony wood and so on ;) And I did mean it with respect to tattoos ( never heard anyone say it like this in English :) ) I'm totally into Wolf tattoos, already checked out the forum thread about it & the design page on this website, only found 1 I liked. I do like wolf tattoos of real wolves, not the fantasy / drawing, ones. Thanks already for the advise here people, I'm pretty sure it'll help me out, being on this forum!
  12. Hello everyone, I ended upon this forum by searching google. At first I got member of another forum, but it seems like there is nobody alive... After that I scrolled through google and saw the line: 'we are the most respected...' which took my interest. About me: I'm from Belgium and I'm a student, I'm 19 years old. I used to dislike people having tattoos, because of the stereotypes, but ever since last year, I got into tattoos. I'm definitely not the type of guy that gets his whole body tattooed, but I like them on non-visible spots, when wearing casual clothes ( t-shirt, shorts, ... ). As I just said,I don't want any tattoos on directly visible spots, such as my forearm, fingers, neck and face. I prefer having them on my upper back, upper arm, perhaps my lower leg and that's almost it. I haven't got any tattoos already, but I'm planning on having one (maybe more...). I'm still looking for a good wolf design, but haven't yet found it, so I hope I gather some ideas here. Things I would like to get tattooed: 1. The stars from the Alaskan flag ( small, not too large ), spot: maybe my lower leg. 2. Something with the initials of my grandparents and my mom in it, spot: right rib cage or clavicle, not sure yet... 3. Off course a tattoo of a wolf, spot: left upper back ( shoulder blade ) It might sound like I'm completely into being all covered up, but that's absolutely not right. These are small tattoos except for the wolf tattoo, so... ;) I don't like coloured tattoos, I love them black, but colours are too unnatural, the way I see it. I'm ready to hear what you think of it! -- Since I'm from Belgium, you can always correct me when I say something wrong, spell it wrong, or when you don't understand what I'm trying to say ;)