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    I'm really into things you can do with needles.
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    Baltimore, MD
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    Oil painting, and philosophy
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    Tattooer, acupuncturist and martial artist.
  1. Thanks Dari, nice to meet you. I have found some medicinals that help with pain and swelling; but have not tried needles; there is an ear technique i would like to try out.

  2. Thank you Lochlan; nice to meet you.

  3. shienru


    Greetings. My name is Eric; worked around in the industry for sometime but only been tattooing recently. I live out in the middle of no-where north of Baltimore. Hoping to connect with some people other than the locals.
  4. Thanks, glad to be here. Havent tried needling myself but I have found herb formulas that lessen the pain. Thought about trying the US military acupuncture pain management technique but I need somebody else to put the needles in my ear.


  5. Thanks for joining our tattoo forum. I enjoyed your first post on "Painful wrist due to tattooing" as it was very informative. Hope you enjoy your stay?!?!

    Until next time....have a good day.


  6. First time posting on this site. My right wrist is a mess from an old injury; if I dont watch it I can easily get ganglian cysts. At the tattoo shop I use an old Kung Fu training liniment called Te Teh Jiao or Dit Da Jow. It is used in Acupuncture for painful joints, bruises etc.; mostly from repetitive type injuries from martial arts training. Works pretty good if you put heat on it after lettin it absorb into the skin; you can usually pick it up at a Chinese Kung Fu school or there are some sources on the web. We make it ourselves and use it quite liberally; smells abit funny but is al
  7. Hello and welcome to LST! have you everr tried acupuncture to lessen/alleviate tattoo pain?

    just wondering,


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