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  1. I have done plenty of leg work that why I came here. I haven't been able to find anyone buy searching online that I feel does good work. I came on here to get some input from other people. some people here have been helpful because they mentioned places that I haven't found in my searching. I have looked through countless portfolios but still haven't found someone I like. Thank you Graeme for telling me the obvious things I should do but thats not being very helpful in my search for recommendations.
  2. what do you mean do I have my own opinions? i have a lot of opinions I am just trying to find out who in my area does quality work. since I don't have all the time in the world to drive around to every tattoo artist i thought I would get some recommendations.
  3. Yeah I checked out rock of ages online look like good stuff. Who would you recommend does the better work there?
  4. Welcome. I wish to visit London some time. How is living there?
  5. No that's what I came here for. I guess what I mean to say is I just want really good work. I look at a lot of tattoos. I see a lot of good work but I also see a lot of bad work. Thanks for the recommendations. I will check those places out.
  6. Hey everyone. I have recently became obsessed with getting a half sleeve done. I have a few tattoos now but I am really wanting to expand. I see things I like online so I take photos of it so I can show someone what I like. I joined here with the hope that some one might be able to steer me in to right direction of finding an artist in the central texas area that does good quality tattoos. I would really like to get the kind of half sleeve that could make magazines. Anybody have any recommendations?
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