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    Born in 1991. Always in painting drawing and stuff. Never by the book, as my mamma would say. In 2008 I've started to tattoo as scratcher. In 2012 I have started to tattoo professionally. I love to do all stiles, its different challenge which I believe all need.
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    Umag, Croatia
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    Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer

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  5. I am using tattoo numbing cream (5 % lidocain) in my shop, but only on some spots that I know could make problems if I have to work 2 to 3 hours. Problem with numbing cream is that there is bigger possibility for ink to run out or even not to stay, so you have to dig deeper or you have to rework tattoo. Other thing about tattoo is that is swallows more if that it usually would. And third of all, had to be applied hour before you start work, first you have to massage one layer in the skin, and then put thick layer over and wrap it with plastic, so air would not get in and it has efect for hour, or hour and a half... Till now, when I was using it, it did hep. It does not numb completely but it does make work easier.
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