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  1. Hey all, I tried searching this subject and not much came up... I'm planning on sleeves but my arms are quite hairy. Will there be any tattoo issues if I get laser hair removal prior to a tattoo? I've seen issues with laser hair removal after a tattoo, but have not seen anything prior to ink.... Thanks!!
  2. Hey guys and gals.... For those of you who did many hours and hours of research before getting your 1st tattoo, did you waver on designs? I feel I may have decided in looking at other designs of tattoos... Normal? Or am I doomed?
  3. Yes very good stuff....I'm glad for the recommendation!
  4. I'm a bad speller...lol Thanks!
  5. I will follow him on instagram right now! Thanks again! What's his instagram user id??
  6. Sweet. I came to the right place then...no 100% sure I should ask these questions in my introduction thread, but here goes!!! I'm looking to get mechanical tattoos, not biomechanical (not a fan of the alien looking ink for myself) but mechanical stuff....gears, cog wheels, etc...inside of a clock type of stuff. I do not want the ripped skin look, more of a look that appears real. I've Google'd till my fingers fell off...searched all over. There are some good tattoo pictures out there. What I'm looking for is an artist to create something. A drawing, a fucking brilliant masterpiece. I know
  7. Oh there will be lots of questions lol
  8. Thanks guys! I've got some research to do!
  9. Mechanical sleeves... Black and gray. I visited a local shop and had 2 consults...When I showed up for the drawing consult and there was no drawing...ya well it was time to leave. $50 education is all that was....
  10. Have not been to Portsmouth....driven thru it but not stopped to look around. Thanks for the recommendations. Any particular shops you like??
  11. Hey all, tattoo noob here....I live about 20 mins north of Boston and may be looking for a shop/artist fairly soon. Johnny
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