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  1. Sorry. I'm a alcoholic.
  2. What is with poeple telling me to leave this forum. Assuming that I just came here to post about my small collection of diy tattoos. I'm just following the basic new member forum jazz. Start a thread. Intoduce myself. Blablabla. Meanwhile I'm using the forum. I'm reading. I don't care about participating at this point because I have no important question that is vaguely unique to require posting. This thread right here is just troll bait. I know. Thanks again for the unwanted advice to piss off. You should take it yourself. Nice to meet you.
  3. Actually I won't. Don't call me bud?!? You have no idea if I have respect for the craft. You have no idea what I'm capable of. I paint oils. Sculpt. Etch. Illustrate. Air brush. Gah. Done fabrication and manual engineering. I am a craftsman! I've always been a "natural" artist but have to master a craft to be satisfied. I am a perfectionist when I get into something. I am quite cultured in art. And have great respect for artistic disciplines or crafts. I also enjoy quickscoping vermin with a .204 @300yrd. I like listening to henryk gorecki Symphony #3 when I get dark on people. Sometimes both at the same time. I like my tattoos. I learn from them too. They're not perfect and that pushes me to improve. An imperfect tattoo that I designed and applied to myself has a lot more meaning to me compared with a expen$ive work by a so called master master. I worked in fine art auctions. I really don't like collectors. Have you seen a Picasso? I've handled one. It was grotesque.
  4. ...and thanks for the lovely welcome and encouragement
  5. I used a machine. I'll get better.
  6. Thats only your opinion. My tattoos are mine. And so is the only opinion that counts.
  7. Maybe for you. Have some bloody humility. Don't be a snob. If you want to insult me, do it directly.
  8. Why?
  9. Did myself another small piece. Quite happy with it.
  10. For major pieces I have some refrences or inspirations. Like Japanese wood cuts. Norman Lindsay etchings. Cathedral architecture and stained glass windows. If I could find a way to balance those elements I will be very happy.
  11. Yeah I have a few friends that I'd like to work on me but it's not fiscally possible at the moment. And I haven't got anything in my mind that I definitely want. I have got some ideas for major pieces but nothing set in stone yet
  12. Haha pretty sure I did say. Actually they came out almost exactly how I expected based on the face that neither of them had ever used a machine.
  13. Did this to myself with a machine.
  14. Stick and poke by myself. After a sixpack of beer on Valentines Day. My lady likes it.