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  1. Hello everyone

    Sorry. I'm a alcoholic.
  2. Hello everyone

    What is with poeple telling me to leave this forum. Assuming that I just came here to post about my small collection of diy tattoos. I'm just following the basic new member forum jazz. Start a thread. Intoduce myself. Blablabla. Meanwhile I'm using the forum. I'm reading. I don't care about participating at this point because I have no important question that is vaguely unique to require posting. This thread right here is just troll bait. I know. Thanks again for the unwanted advice to piss off. You should take it yourself. Nice to meet you.
  3. Hello everyone

    Actually I won't. Don't call me bud?!? You have no idea if I have respect for the craft. You have no idea what I'm capable of. I paint oils. Sculpt. Etch. Illustrate. Air brush. Gah. Done fabrication and manual engineering. I am a craftsman! I've always been a "natural" artist but have to master a craft to be satisfied. I am a perfectionist when I get into something. I am quite cultured in art. And have great respect for artistic disciplines or crafts. I also enjoy quickscoping vermin with a .204 @300yrd. I like listening to henryk gorecki Symphony #3 when I get dark on people. Sometimes both at the same time. I like my tattoos. I learn from them too. They're not perfect and that pushes me to improve. An imperfect tattoo that I designed and applied to myself has a lot more meaning to me compared with a expen$ive work by a so called master master. I worked in fine art auctions. I really don't like collectors. Have you seen a Picasso? I've handled one. It was grotesque.
  4. Hello everyone

    ...and thanks for the lovely welcome and encouragement
  5. Hello everyone

    I used a machine. I'll get better.
  6. Hello everyone

    Thats only your opinion. My tattoos are mine. And so is the only opinion that counts.
  7. Hello everyone

    Maybe for you. Have some bloody humility. Don't be a snob. If you want to insult me, do it directly.
  8. Hello everyone

  9. Hello everyone

    Did myself another small piece. Quite happy with it.
  10. Hello everyone

    For major pieces I have some refrences or inspirations. Like Japanese wood cuts. Norman Lindsay etchings. Cathedral architecture and stained glass windows. If I could find a way to balance those elements I will be very happy.
  11. Hello everyone

    Yeah I have a few friends that I'd like to work on me but it's not fiscally possible at the moment. And I haven't got anything in my mind that I definitely want. I have got some ideas for major pieces but nothing set in stone yet
  12. Hello everyone

    Haha pretty sure I did say. Actually they came out almost exactly how I expected based on the face that neither of them had ever used a machine.
  13. Hello everyone

  14. Hello everyone

    Did this to myself with a machine.
  15. Hello everyone

    Stick and poke by myself. After a sixpack of beer on Valentines Day. My lady likes it.