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  1. Dustin at Passionfish
  2. I got 64 Corvette Stingray Emblem with a 2015 Stingray fish emblem added to it placed on forearm. I got it cause growing up I've always remember him working on old hot rods and stuff and he bought my mom a 64 Stingray so I guess I got the tattoo a little thinking of both of them. My dad is still alive unfortunately my mom passed away little over 2 years ago &we still have the Corvette he built for her when I was young. I tried posting picture but not that computer smart yet. Loaded it in Gallery just couldn't figure out how get it on here. Got it done Fri. It's my newest one.
  3. Chuck


    Dustin @Pashion Fish Maryville TN he also did my daughter's name.
  4. I have to agree with the ditch. When deciding were to get my last one thought I'd go inner are didn't think it be easy to not hit stuff and to keep clean. Boy was I wrong I never thought about bending my arm or even how often I hit my arm on stuff I'm sorta of a cluts but it definitely took the longest to heal.
  5. Chuck

    Hi again

    Nice tattoo looks great.
  6. Chuck


    Hi I'm also new here to. But welcome to sight.
  7. I got my daughter's name on my inner forarm on Feb. 27th at Pasha on fish tattoo parlor in Maryville TN. Artist name was Dustin. The tattoo is actually my avatar I been trying to post it but I'm not very computer literate. I managed to get both my tattoos loaded into my gallery I just don't know how to get it put in my post. If anyone could shoot me message telling how to put picture in post I be Happy to put it in them. Sorry not that computer smart lol.
  8. Chuck

    daughters name

    2nd tattoo and newest one of my daughter's name
  9. This was my 1st tattoo I got in memory of my mom who passed away
  10. Hi everyone thanks for letting me join this sight. I'm not only new to this sight but also new to the tattoo world. I always wanted one but was worried I would eventually hate it because at 18 years old my taste was alot different than it is now at 36. When my mom passed away recently I finally knew that a tattoo in her memory was one I would never get tired of or wish I hadn't done I got it Jan. Of this year. After realizing it didn't hurt like I feared it would I got my 2nd tattoo on Feb.27th it my daughter's name. Well I hope to learn things and talk to others about there experiences. Thanks for letting me join. If there is anything I can help with feel free to ask.
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