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  1. It's being done in 1 session. I'm getting Einstein done by Geary Morrill (Unkindness Art) and Mike Riina (Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery). They have completely different styles so this should be fun.
  2. I'm going to be getting a tattoo that's a collaboration with 2 artists. It sounds like one will be spending more time tattooing than the other because of the way it's being designed. How should I handle tipping each one? I've never had a tattoo done like this and I don't want to offend anybody.
  3. So I've now used it on 3 of my 4 recent tattoos and the 1 didn't use it on was the only one that gave me trouble. It might be a coincidence but the fact that it made the first few days much easier is enough reason for me to keep using it. I didn't have to worry about pet hair or sheets sticking to it and was just over all more comfortable.
  4. Surface piercings are usually done with this sort of jewelry and really shouldn't be done with barbells (unlike navel and eyebrow piercings which usually are donw with curved barbells). Done properly can surface piercings can last years, same with eyebrow and navel piercings.
  5. Some people choose to get them near the belly button because they like the look of just the one stone or their anatomy prevents them from getting a traditional piercing there. As for scarring, they often leave similar or even smaller scars than piercings do.
  6. I am so happy there is a geek thread. :) I just got a tardis tattoo not long ago and I'm trying to decide what else to add to that arm. I'm not sure if I want a DW theme or just scifi. I'm a big Star Trek fan (original & TNG, not the reboot) so maybe the Enterprise? But then I would want to work in Firefly and Alien and my arm isn't that big. lol
  7. I've started using tegaderm so no more sticking. It also allows me to be lazy. lol
  8. I used it on my foot and my forearm tattoos and while it wasn't really pretty it made the first few days a lot more comfortable.
  9. It's strange because I don't find my piercings to be high maintenance at all, even during the healing process. And I like pretty jewelry so it just gives me more places to put it. :)
  10. A good friend of mine loves it, same with his daughters who have all used it on various tattoos. I have used it for my last 2 and I wish I had used it for my rose since my skin didn't seem to like the aquaphor.
  11. Tesseracts, you really don't want to use acrylic for long term use. Here is a great page with lots of info of different materials. Material information & care And they have a huge selection of barbells and you can get them with gems and various other ends. I personally stick with titanium (I like the copper and teal colors the best). I get most of my jewelry there. :) They also have a calender you can get that has 20% off coupons each month.
  12. I have stretched lobes (gauge is a measurement) and about a dozen other piercings (mostly non-ear piercings). So obviously, I love both. I am done getting anymore piercings for now though and I'm concentrating on tattoos.
  13. Tomorrow I'm getting my foot colored and next month I hope to add another rose to my arm.
  14. I would check out Evolve Studio in Virginia Beach. They are some great artists there. Maybe check out Trinity also.
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