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    Many and varied, just like you.
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    My job involves a great deal of metal, but my work involves the better elements.

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  1. Glad to have found this thread, if a little late. Kudos for the start! I'm talking with Kore Flatmo now, hoping to bring a snake project online soon. Going with a rattlesnake, draped around the neck like a necklace. So, it's all snakes all the time right now.
  2. My grandparents had an apple orchard when I was a kid. Spent many summers in and under those trees. Now that they're gone, Kore and Crew gave me a way to carry them with me.
  3. My sleeve from Kore is a Tom Waits portrait gone skeletal, with a red apple and swirling apple blossoms.
  4. Lol, coming soon! I started to upload, and then realized tech has gotten the best of me, as I generally upload from my phone. Un momento... - - - Updated - - -
  5. Hello, all. I've been following Last Sparrow for some time. Great bunch of people here, and loads of great interviews- my fav. Because of one of those interviews I found the amazing Kore and Brenda Flatmo of Plura Bella Tattoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. What a stroke of luck they were within my traveling distance, and over the course of last year I got sleeved by Kore, and best of all, got to know a fantastic bunch of folks. I really couldn't ask for better. I'll post pics of that sleeve soon as I look about and see where. I've been fairly obsessed with tattoos and tattooing for about four years, now, and it only seems to be getting worse, lol. What else? Worked for ten years in a fabricating art shop, which sadly went under during the recession, but gave me a decade of sculpting, painting, welding, molding- you name it, and a hell of a lot of laughs and hard work. Still at it and loving it in my home shop, producing prop replicas for the cosplay set (another great group of people who take fun seriously), painting and sculpting for my own weirdness and, of course, Halloween. I'm headed back to Kore and Crew this spring for another round. Working hard and doing my thing. Just watched the interview with Phil Kyle, which was great fun. Am I aspiring? Damn straight. Thanks for everything.:D
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