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  1. I couldn't think of the name of that shop. From what I know...there is a bunch of talent coming through there. I have nothing but love for Spencer. Dude has some serious shit going on.

    Rob, Jay, and Scott are definitely amazing, and unheard of, tattooers.

  2. Spencer and I work in the same shop in Lexington, KY from time to time...Charmed Life. If you haven't heard of them, look them up. Either way, Spencer's work is pretty fucking rad, and soooooo clean. I've seen the chest piece in the first photo of the original post, and it's bind blowing. Definitely good to see him getting some love on here.

  3. Attitude is very important to me, and I have less tattoos because of it. I've grown to dislike tattoos as I grew to dislike the person that did it for me, and I've definitely avoided getting tattooed by coworkers because I didn't get on with them. I think that the entire experience should be a good one. I'm not into dealing with people who feel their owed a respect that they don't themselves give to others. So because of this, I really only get tattooed by people that I have personal respect, as well as being amazed by their work. It's better when the entire package is nice.

  4. i think if i were to get a ship i'd have ron ( @The Hyena) do it. how many other tattooers are hanging out in ship yards taking pictures of ships? haha, seriously though, he does nice looking tattoos and does some conventions and guest spots on the west coast. my only interactions with him have been via the interwebs, but he has always been a gentleman and an all around cool dude.

    I was gonna suggest him, too.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, james.

    I completely co sign the Lina Stigsson tattoos and paintings. I fucking love her work. Kills me.

    No problem man. I'm really into your work. Hopefully I'll catch your somewhere I'm near and be able to get something from you.

  6. I can;t touch my throat without feeling weird for hours, so tattooing it wont happen. the sides of my neck are game though. I don't need palm tattoos. No junk either.

    That said, I'll get to my neck and hands when I get there. I think you need to earn that stuff.

    I won't do genitals. I don't like to do hands, really, unless the person has full sleeves. I don't think I would do palm or foot bottoms either.

  7. I used to use the tube watercolor on 400lb cold press. But lately I've been easing into using liquitex (I think) liquid acrylic on arches. The arches allows me to blend WAY more smoothly than the cheap watercolor paper does. Also, the liquid acrylic's color is so vibrant, and I feel they're better suited for solid fields of color, unlike the tube watercolors. As far as brushes, I use a cheap flat brush that's roughly the size of a 9 mag for everything I do. I use a Faber-Castille brush pen to line with, and a micron for finer lines, or smaller pieces.

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