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Pops Tattoo 1 reviews


    • Angela
    • February 20, 2022

    I decided to get my daughter a tattoo for her 18th birthday (it being such a big milestone). I did my research and settled on going to pops tattoo because I saw good reviews and going through their website decided the work their was really good. They charged her upfront for the tattoo which I thought was really odd because normally it is just a deposit. They work she received was amateur and mediocre. When she removed her bandage we were actually shocked. My husband wasted no time calling the shop to complain. The woman who answered the phone was very apologetic. She took our information and said the owner would call back before 8pm to see how they could rectify the situation. When my husband called it was shortly after 4. By 7:50 we still had not heard anything. My husband called back and spoke to the artist who stood by her work. When I spoke to the owner and explained this is not what was requested he defended her work as well and they claimed my daughter was pleased with the tattoo because she went out for HER BIRTHDAY AND TOOK PHOTOS WEARING A DRESS WHERE THE TATTOO WAS VISIBLE! It’s a tattoo! She can’t remove it for a damn photo!!! A pleased customer would be advertising the work!!! She would have posted close ups of it and stated where she got it from like everyone does when they get a tat they are happy with! She was in tears all day over this work! I will be getting it fixed somewhere else! The owner offered NOTHING TO RECTIFY THIS SITUATION AND WAS AN A**HOLE. I HAVE PICTURES OF WHAT WAS REQUESTED AND WHAT WAS RECEIVED. YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF THIS IS PROFESSIONAL OR AMATEUR WORK!

    Tattoo Artist Name: Alyssa

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