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Sacred Skin 1 reviews

  • Level 1, 380 - 382 Logan Road, STONES CORNER Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4120, Australia Queensland
  • +61 7 3397 3606
  • TUES - THUR - FRI - SAT - 10AM TO 6PM | WED - 10AM - 8PM
  • tony, raymond, josh, kelly, matt, james, swirly, willa and dave


    • Deb
    • December 4, 2021

    This review is for Natasha. Kudos for your work and passion. As you know I was tattoed by Tony, however your ease of presence made me feel like we could talk for hours and I just loved the ease on how we conversed. I could not for the life of me remember your name when I wrote my review on Tony ( who is excellent) however I wanted to leave a review for you Natasha ( the glue of the business) I absolutely enjoyed our conversation that day and am so glad I ventured in for a look again thanks Tony for being so professional and accommodating : But a huge Thankyou Natasha just for our conversation. I could of grabbed a coffee and talked for hours with you. Sorry I had a mind slip and forgot your name in my initial review but you were a definite delight in my random experience. Thankyou To Tony and Natasha xxxx Deb

    Tattoo Artist Name: Tony

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