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Join us Saturday May 21st in celebration of Torch Tattoos one year anniversary. We will be hosting an art show, with some of our friends contributing pieces that will be available for purchase the night of the event.

Such artist include:

Aaron Coleman - Immaculate tattoo

Chuey Quintanar - Good time charlies Tattooland

Bob Tyrrell - Night Gallery

Dalmiro Dalmont - GypsyTattooer

Adam Barton - O'Reilly's Tattoo

Klem - O'Reilly's Tattoo

Jason Anderson - O'Reilly's

Matt Shamah - Analog

Jim Miner - Analog

Sid Stankovitz - Sids Tattoo

Losey - Sids Tattoo

Jeffery Page - Will Rise Tattoo

Dan Smith - High Voltage

Eric Jones - Goldrush

Lindsey Carmichael - Goldrush

Lizzie Renaud - Speakeasy Toronto

Dusty Neal - New Republic

Steve Turner - Hellbomb tattoo

Neil Wilson - Six Feet Under Tattoo

Sara Samez - Cherry Tattoo Rome

Erin Chance - Sacred New Zealand

Adrian Wilard - Magnum Opus

Davide True Cat - Plastic surgery Italy

Brynne Worthy - Tattoo Gallery

Jackie Dunn Smith - Flying Panther

Plus many more local and international artists contributing, including new works from Kyle Crowell and Justin Warn, tattoo residents at Torch Tattoo.

Again, party is on Saturday May 21st from 8pm-midnight

Drinks and finger foods provided.

Torch Tattoo is located at:

1755 S Claudina Way

Anaheim Ca 92805

Thank you and hope to see you there!




when im not tattooing or painting i like taking pictures of birds with my cellphone.

someday i will buy a real camera.

but for now...hipstamatic away!



Please feel free to follow my tumblr postings at

i will attempt to start keeping this up to date as well.

you can also follow my shop on twitter @torchtattoo



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