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Hello Folks!

Thought that some would find it interesting hearing about what tattoos i got in London last weekend :)

and boy did i get tattooed! haha i have come to realize that my tattoo addiction is beyond Control..

arrived in london with my 2 friends wednesday checked in to our 14 bed mix dorm at hyde park inn hostel,left ouir bags and went to the first pub we saw.. cant really remember what happend after that so its probably not important :)

Thursdays lso a blur too so ill jump straight to the convention..

Friday opening day and the sun is shining and everybody is superstoked..

both my friends had appointments set up so i ended up drinking alot of beer and just walking around checking stuff out..

talk a little to Chad K about im coming to Norway to tattoo me hehe

Got a little Anchor filler from Nick Colella!

later that night we went out with some of the burlesque Girls wich happend to be swedish..

woke up next day with a massive hangover from the devilisch Guinness hehe.

Saturday woked up early and went straight to the convention with my head pounding.. had an appoinment the amazing and crazy Javi Rodriguez from LTW in Barcelona we know each other from before and had a blast doing the tattoo.. after that i walked over to Seth Ciferri to say hi as he is a close freind to my ex girlfriend.. it ended up in the chair and a got this awsome rose on my arm.. its like 3pm and i already got 2 tattoos hehe but im still waiting for the highlight of the day! my appoinment with Matt Shamah'

i had told him he could do whatever he wanted so i was super stoked on what he had drawn.. and when he showed me my jaw dropped!

the tattoo turned out great and Matt has one of the lightest hand as he tattooes.. good for me as i still was pretty hungover..


Grande Finale! I had booked My appoinment with Mike Rubendall

maybe a month before the Convention and decided on a Hannya on my Shinleg.. as Mike shows me the Stencil he says "im ganna go crazy with it.." and fuck he did! not much to say.. im showing u pictures instead..

the pics are not the best.. im putting new healed pix up in my album when thay all healed..

but theres more..

We fly home on Monday and im dead tired from the trip.. work early tuesday and goes straight from work to the Invictus Shop in Oslo to finish my Gypsy Lady that i started a year ago with Phil Holt

my immun systems probably all gone from all the intense tattooing from the last 5 days but the tattoo turned out great.

ok fuck it heres some pictures and a video..

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