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  1. Finished my back earlier this month not the best pic but thought I'll share.
  2. I've got the red hot chili peppers symbol tattooed on my left hand haha!
  3. I've been working on my back for about 3 years now and it has been a great journey and humbling experience. During my sessions of pain I've learned a lot about myself mentally and physically and would also have the best dreams of my life the nights after my most painful sessions. I would say my shoulder blades, ass, and inner thighs to be the most painful. Anyway I've extremely enjoyed seeing the progress which is about 90% complete started color a few months ago and it just makes the piece pop which has motivated me to finish it by end of summer!
  4. hey bro hows everything just stoppin by to check out your work. looking good keep it up!

  5. torchie

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    I went all the way to the thighs which also is a fudo dragon haha. In my opinion a large scale back piece just doesn't look right when you can see where it ends at the waist or lower back. I would say end at your ass since your planning more work on your thighs. Good luck on your piece!
  6. Awesome start Luca and Avery! Look forward to seeing how your backs come along. I have started the color on my back and hopefully will be done by the end of summer or early fall. It really has been a journey for me . Thanks for sharing guys.
  7. no problem bro! good to see someone reppin the 671. colin delgado does my work.

  8. whassup bro saw your guam blog! i was born and raised in guam hows it!

  9. Seen the Grime piece in person really bad ass. Its on my tattooist who's doing my back here in Seattle Colin Delgado.
  10. Your right looks like Sabado or Genko's work. Just a guess though.
  11. I was 15 just made $60 bucks doing yard work, went to a homies house to look for bud or something to do. Showed him how much I had and he said don't know where to get bud, but do you want a tattoo with a look in his eye and a sparkle in his smile. So off to Low Tide Tattoo we went owned by some biker looking dude named Harv Angel. Picked out a black and grey rose off the flash on the wall had and it tattooed on my left forearm which covered most of my forearm since I was soo small. Half hour later I was finished and all tripped out on what I had done. Got home first thing I did "Hey dad look w
  12. torchie

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    Will do! Its been awhile since I taken pics of my progress the only one I got are old haha.
  13. torchie

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    Hey Lochlan favorites got to be Horiyoshi 3 of course, horitomo, horiyasu, horitsune, filip leu, and mike roper. Black and grey Freddy negreti, Freddy corbin, Tim Hendricks, and El chino come to mind just love that Westcoast gangsta style.
  14. Hey Hogg I remember following your backpiece progress a while back on inkednation. Still working on mine at the moment finally doing color won't be long to reveal!

  15. Thanks for posting that Hardy piece love seeing how old tattoos are holding up after all the years.
  16. torchie

    what up!

    Hey whassup everyone! Found this site by accident looking at backpieces on google. Stoke to see informative forum posts and good tattoos. I've been getting tattooed since my teens and for the last 5 years been working on my sleeves and backpiece. I love all sorts of art, but personally love irezumi and East LA black and grey!
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