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  1. what is wrong with you people? what do you get out of acting like this? you get to feel good about yourselves by making others feel like shit? nice job.
  2. Thanks everyone for making me a big joke. Everything I originally said was misconstrued as rude and me being stupid. So then I try to defend myself and get even more backlash. I spent hours last night in tears because you guys have been so harsh and just sit here and laugh at me because i get emotional and i am very defensive. now i'm crying again to read even more mean comments. there are lot of things going on in my real life that make me feel worthless and this just adds to it. i never had bad intentions on this thread. i was just trying to get my actual question answered....but maybe only a few people explained what blow out was. everyone else focused on my personality and how i need to accept my tattoo and stop being an ungrateful bitch. thanks a lot. what an awful way to start the day.
  3. if a mod stops by, i'd really like you to delete this thread.
  4. i don't consider my tattoo a mistake. i think a mistake was made on my tattoo but my tattoo was not a mistake.
  5. what an unsupportive community. i'm out if all people are going to do is insult me and my tattoo.