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  1. got an apt with Tim Hendricks at temple on Wednesday. stoked!
  2. imo that tattoo will be hard to read in lets say 20 years. the colors will fade into each other without a hard outline. having skin breaks allows the tattoo to "breathe" and imo ages better and will be easier to read.
  3. that's a cool tattoo. from what I've seen tattoo's with skin breaks tend to hold up better than tattoo's with wall to wall color.
  4. getting a devil head from Marc and a girl head from Stewart. how about you?
  5. sweet! I got an apt with him on sunday. i'll be there all weekend. lets get it!
  6. ok to clear this up once and for all. my comment was a blanket statement. it wasn't directed at any one person. basically imo if you make the decision to get tattooed you will be judged by others period. so if being judged by others bothers you then imo you shouldn't get tattooed...simple. I personally dgaf how others feel about my tattoo's. stare all you want, make all the comments you want. I didn't get tattooed to get others approval. I got tattooed because its my passion. my house is filled with tattoo related stuff. paintings and prints etc. being tattooed to me is a lifestyle not a fad or fashion statement. so being called a rude tattoo hater was absolute comedy to me. especially after that person looked at my profile and seen that I am heavily tattooed. so if my comment bothered some my bad. but I meant what I said and stand by it 100 percent.
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