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  1. I really like symbolism for this. A horseshoe for a gal who rides a horse or likes horses, etc. Banners can be incorporated into almost anything. But I'd look for some sort of symbol that would remind you of your kids. Sounds like you're on the right path though.
  2. @DavidR the tattoo is by Corey Boobar in King's Beach, CA. Thanks for the kind comments and warm welcome everyone.
  3. I'll stop lurking now. I've been creeping on ya'll for a couple years actually, I started hanging around here before I got my first and only (for now) tattoo. I read quite a few threads and reinforced what I wanted. The process of finding a decent references and the right tattoo artist was fantastic. I looked through a lot of portfolios and talked to two artists the second of which was definitely the right fit, in terms of being stoked to do the tattoo and listening to what I valued. It was definitely the right person at the right time for me, and I was pumped to work with the guy. The c
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