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  1. Just added my new tattoo to the gallery... in my profile. Really happy with the work. I like my artist, Andrew Trull and am loving the Tegaderm healing... easy and almost pain free for the first 4 days! Looking good now!
  2. Alright ladies... Bras with Tegaderm... Day 3 with Tegaderm after my Tattoo on wednesday! Got home... Let it breathe wed night for about 3 hours and then washed and slapped on the Tegaderm with my hubs help. Ice pack for 20 min. Put on a bra the next morning and although a little tender where the little plastic things of the bra are... the Tegaderm barrier kept it from hurting at all! Been able to wear a bra to work and everything the whole time with no issues. No weeping or mess underneath it either... looks like day one still. Taking the Tegaderm off tomorrow and switching to lotion. So
  3. So, I went in for my tattoo today! I came prepared with my Tegaderm sheets to show the artist and I was fully prepared to have him shoot them down and just go with his healing plan but he raved about them and asked how I got the 8X12 sheets. He normally does a dry wrap method for two days and then just regular Aveeno green cap lotion and wash, etc... but he said if he could, he would use Tegaderm and they heal the best. I left him 8 sheets to give to use on other people and he was grateful. I was glad I'd done my homework. I LOVE my new tattoo. Will post a pic in other thread soon but I d
  4. New to the site. I'm getting new work tomorrow on a pretty decent sized area from mid back to top of shoulder. My plan is to Tegaderm heal because I have patients that may try to grab my shoulders/back from time to time during the day. Hoping it helps with bra strap issues as well. Will report back after tomorrows tattoo session!
  5. Thanks SeeSea, I have had it on my fridge for the last year so I know it's what I want and have for some time! Now to figure out how to get patients not to grab me during the day! I'm using Tegaderm to heal and will report back during the process. Tattoo day tomorrow!
  6. New and grateful for this forum. I've been lurking for weeks and weeks. I'm getting new tattoo this week and the bra advice is going to come in handy as it's on my back up to the top of my shoulder. Soft shirts and a good strapless acquired and hopefully no one will grab onto me at work! I'm terrified of a geriatric clinger making me scream. Thanks for all your great info you have supplied. I'm also going to use Tegaderm for healing so I'll let you know how that goes with bra/rubbing concerns. Thanks again.
  7. New Here, and excited to be getting a new tattoo this week by Andrew Trull. I'm getting a (realism) tree with 3 detailed blackbirds in different stages of flight on my back/shoulder. I've been waiting for a few yrs to get this one so I can't wait. I'm sort of bummed that birds and trees have gotten so popular but I hope to do them justice by having them done well. Time will tell. Wednesday to be exact.
  8. ... I'm new here and have been lurking a while. I'm so sorry Beez, that someone was so awful and didn't put your feelings first with the hurtful words. Ugh. As for this post, I am married and my husband has no tattoos. I only have 2 AND am getting a new one this week (Yes!!!), but he has always kind of had a gentle curiosity about them but no desire to get one in a serious capacity. He says he might if he found something he really wanted but I doubt it. It hasn't really made the least bit of difference to me or him that I know of but I wonder if deep down he doesn't understand why I'm ge
  9. I took a sketch concept and let my artist run with it. It's going to be a realism tree with 3 detailed birds in different aspects of flight and perch. I wish I'd done it sooner (4 yrs ago) as now I find that birds and tree have become more popular. Oh well. I'm excited for a job well done and to have a beautiful tattoo this week!
  10. Hello all, Just introducing myself. I'm about to pull the trigger on a new tattoo this week and after reading this forum for weeks and weeks, I am learning about the dos and don'ts I never would have known. Great site. Brutal honesty and great information and advice. I have two small and rather generic tattoos that I got at 18 in Biloxi at the old Jack and Diane's shop. I just turned 40 and have been holding onto a tattoo concept for about 4 yrs. After researching for while and two consults, I'm going to the Black Sparrow, (Andrew Trull) for my new work this week. Excited to say the l
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