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  1. Hi! I'm quite new to the forum myself, I'm Italian (from Udine) and I love tattoos! Your first tattoo came out really nice, I've got one on my left shoulder and a full sleeve in progress on my right arm.
  2. Second session today went really well, all dragon's outline and flames and peonies outlines completed, next session will be background (clouds and wind bars) and maybe start coloring peonies. If anybody's interested I posted another 9 photos in my gallery
  3. Only 2 days to go till my next appointment with Brad Sims, another 4 hours on my dragon sleeve, cannot wait!!!!!!
  4. Thank you! I cannot wait for it to be completed too
  5. Thank you, only 20 days and I'll have another 4 hour session, will post pics
  6. Hi everybody, I registered in September then life happened and didn't manage to get back, since then I started mi right sleeve (pics on my profile), next session end of this month, I may be biased but I think it's gorgeous, totally free handed. Let me know what you think!
  7. Hi RoryQ, we go to Sims Tattoos, my half sleeve was done by Michi (he's italian) and my husbans got work by Brad Sims.
  8. It looks pretty sad, but not as bad as this shop i pass everyday catching the train to go to work. It's called Millers Ink in Petts Wood and it's a barber shop at the front with a room for tattoos at the back, divided only by a door ( oh the igiene). Despite the weird set up and questionable work (google them or admire them on FB) they try to keep a very posh image, trying to appeal to all the hipsters in the area (they catch more chavs but ehi ho, at least they try lol)
  9. Hi everybody, I'm a Italian girl living in South London. I've been in England for 8 years now. I work in retail and I'm married to a wonderful english guy. We both love tattoos, just we don't have as many as we would like as we prefer to save up for quality pieces instead of going cheap and cheerful. At the moment I have a butterfly with the body made up of russian letters on my right forearm and just finished half sleeve on my left arm. Butterfly is not the best, I'm planning to have it covered up with a Japanese dragon that will take all my right arm. I've been lurking for a while, then i decided to subscibe. I'm by no means an expert and hope to learn and get advice from people that know more than me. Thanks for reading!
  10. Michi at Sims Tattoos, London
  11. Michi at Sims Tattoos, London
  12. Michi at Sims Tattoos, London