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    weird keno kid loving every single second of life
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    Kenosha WI
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    Graffiti , Cooking, Coding
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    @ AMAZON

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  1. Haha I completely agree , When they yank up my sleeve I just turn at them with a "you stepped in the lions den" face LOL. I cannot fucking stand it when people invade my person space like that , but exactly if they have questions or just interested in what I have by all means ask away! dont just yank and act like you're entitled to view something that's partially in sight. I've brought that up to someone before like , Sir could you please not just come up and yank up my sleeve I have no idea who you are, His response; Oh no its ok man I have tattoos too." like huh? did I ask, does having tattoos give you a permission slip to caress strangers LOL Omg they'd be lucky to get off with a hook if they went up my leg LOL mate be eating through a straw, and yea I've noticed a certain "better then you -esque " with some tattooed folks but it's rare for me , Idk if they've just gotten fed up with a million questions which idk how you could I love talking about tattoos and my reasons behind my sleeve ,etc. Or some just have a plain 'ol rotten attitude XD
  2. very welcome! thanks for sharing , btw you totally gotta make him dye his leg hair green to look like grass XD fully commit
  3. :O! super cool I love how they both turned out , hey... is he wearing the same socks XDD
  4. :D yea i saw the side of the other tree and in my head i thought magic powers please activate and twist this picture so i can see ! , do you have any pics up of it ?
  5. yup! XD and I only have my right sleeve done until recently ( around 2 weeks ago) when I got my lower sleeve done , people not seem to care , now it seems like people think they're entitled to tell me how much of a mistake i made since its visible in a short sleeve shirt. Mainly from die-hard christians in the area that im forced to associate with/be around, But I've never been called a thug haha , more or less the most common insult is hipster/or anything along those lines, because people assume you can only get tattoos if youre trying to look cool or badass. Its almost as exhausting as the random people who come up and lift my sleeve without even saying anything as if we've been buddies for life or sumit XDD
  6. dope!! :) and that tree is so sweet man
  7. Greg Larsen @ black pearl ( Kenosha Wisconsin)
  8. Greg Larsen @ black pearl ( Kenosha Wisconsin)
  9. Greg Larsen @ black pearl ( Kenosha Wisconsin)
  10. Greg Larsen @ black pearl ( Kenosha Wisconsin)
  11. Greg Larsen @ black pearl ( Kenosha Wisconsin)
  12. yep :)! i had my right sleeve started at the end of december slowly growing more and more :D sorry for the bad pictures these are all i have atm XD the lotus tho needs a touch up cuz i dont like how the colouring went on it and he did a spotty job on the inside too XD but oh well , lotus was done by a seperate artist was my first tattoo to test how tattooing effected me since i have dermatographia :o but the artist who did the rest is planning to give it a facelift :)
  13. Hi! Im luke! New to the forums but love what ive been seeing here seems like a fun community :) nice to meet you all
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