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  1. I have reached out to a bunch of tattoo parlors, many not getting back with me yet and then I get very conflicting opinions. In the same day I had one shop tell me that it is definitely possible but the artist only works on new pieces and the other shop tell me that this is not possible and I should go get laser first. Does anyone have any recommendations in CA for someone who will add color to an already dark tattoo?
  2. This whole thread makes me feel like this is doable. I just want some white designs put into a dark purple tattoo to give it some depth I currently have and everyone outside of this thread's responses makes me feel like it's just absurd! I keep getting responses to go get laser and start over (this is already a cover up) or just leave it. How do I find someone to do this? Any suggestions for anyone in the bay area of CA? @Ain Hallap you said it took certain dyes? Do you remember where you read that?
  3. @SStu is laser even an option for a tattoo that is already a cover up? I read that laser doesn't do much if there are two layers of ink. I haven't actually called to inquire about laser because I kept reading that it wouldn't work.
  4. @marley mission Thank you for the honesty!! That was my first idea. I wanted to just add to it (above) and make it so it wasn't such a blunt line at the top. My next post was going to ask everyone's advice about what they think might look nice to make it flow a little better. I wanted to add a butterfly to help soften the whole thing a little. I'm just not sure what would look best. I'm nervous bc after two tries It's going to be hard for me to trust anyone, but I hate how it looks by itself and feel like it's going to need more.
  5. @Pete tattoo freak Ok, I'll try and research and see if there's anyone willing to try. Thanks for your help! No it wasn't at ace tattoo... it was at a shop in Fremont.
  6. I really just want to know if this can be an option, and how I find an artist who can do this. I've seen other forums where artists say they've done it and it worked out really well. I just don't know how to go about finding someone or even if it's a possibility. Help!
  7. I'm not trying to cover it. I want to add to it (on top) to maybe draw the eye from the dark, but I want to see if I can find someone to add white (or whatever they can) within in it to lighten it by giving it some lighter detail throughout as well.
  8. I had a really bad tattoo done on my ankle of an angel and I went to someone to cover it up. His portfolio had many cover ups in it of people who didn't include laser on their first work and the results were amazing. He assured me that he could cover the existing tattoo with ease since one of the problems with the first one was that it had faded pretty badly and was only an outline. The work he did is extremely dark, and unless you're looking up close, looks like a black sock and I'm extremely unhappy with it. I went back to him with my concerns and he continued to tell me that it was dark be
  9. @Graeme I wish I had done laser to begin with but now since it's already a cover up I'm not sure laser will do much. So now I feel like I need to add to what I've got and hopefully it will make it better.
  10. My husband got a tattoo at a convention and it came out great!! It's like researching artists online and looking at portfolios only you get to talk to them right there! We walked around and looked at everyone and we were able to narrow it down to whose portfolio matched closely with what he wanted. We picked someone semi-local too so that we could easily go back to him if we needed to. But you also get access to artists who are out of town too who you might not normally have access to. My husband ended up going back to him and having him add to it. It was just as safe as walking into a shop to
  11. @el twe I've heard this about the bay area, yet I had some work done that I wasn't happy with right here in the bay. Ugh, I should have done more research, but I went off of a referral from a friend and now I'm looking to fix it. I have a pretty unique yet specific thing I'm trying to address. I had a cover up done on my ankle. The cover up is very, very dark to the point that unless you're standing with your nose up to it looks like a black sock and I'm so unhappy with it, to the point of embarrassment. I know that in order to cover, it has to be dark but even the parts that were new ink are
  12. I was just curious what it looked like and if it's something similar to what I can do to fix a piece of mine that is too dark. I asked the artist that originally did my tattoo what we could do to lighten it up a bit and he said there wasn't much he could do because of it's blue and black colors. Then I read that white will just eventually blend into the black making it darker with time. Then I read that it takes a certain technique, or type of ink and now I'm just all confused lol.
  13. @slayer9019 Can I see a picture of it your piece with the white designs over the black?!?! And how do I find a an artist that can do this correctly? Is it a certain kind of ink or technique?
  14. What is the difference between a blastover and laser?
  15. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I have a cover up that was done and it is really really dark. It's on my ankle and looks like a big black sock. I understand that the cover up has to be darker in the places that it's covering because, well, it's covering up black outlines. However, the artist made the whole thing pretty dark even in places that was new ink. I'm pretty unhappy with what it looks like now. Is this too good to be true? Does the tattoo look great at first and then darkens over time? I'd love to hear any input on this!
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