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  1. Pretty crazy to think about this, I'm 24 and been getting tattooed now for 8 years, It's a shorter list than most, but I only collect work now from people in the industry who's work I love and who's integrity is apparent! "Walter" from 'New Life' - Coleraine Pert from Ink Castle, Belfast (multiple) Aaron Lyons - Sydney, Aus Myself Jay Jay - Blood Brothers, London (multiple) Chris Dettmer - Germany 'Tiny Miss Becca' - Jayne Doe, Essex Uncle Allan - Denmark Sam Ricketts - UK Bugs - London/LA (3 sessions) Chad Koeplinger - Everywhere! (multiple) Shane Sunday (Old Boss) Steve Boltz - Brooklyn, NYC Ben Phillips - Swansea Tattoo Co. Dan Smith - UK/NZ/LA Lindsey Carmichael - Costa Mesa, US Ross Nagle - Limerick, Ireland
  2. Never been in Berlin mate. Maybe youre confusing me with a tattooer with a similar name? Thankyou very much for the re-welcoming guys! It's great to be part of this forum, and the integrity it holds!
  3. Shops I've tattooed at; Skin Symbols Tattoo - Newcastle, Northern Ireland Alternative Ink - Holywood, Northern Ireland Addinktion Tattoo - Belfast, Northern Ireland Swansea Tattoo Company - Swansea, Wales Thou Art - Sheffield, England Studio 76 - Londonderry, Northern Ireland Thought it was more! I guess I'm counting conventions in my head to, it's always an amazing experience tattooing people in a different city!
  4. The shop is amazing! Everyone needs to witness it first hand, the work is incredible and the Craic is undeniable!
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Craig Kelly, I was a member here last year but lost my password. :D But I'm back! and looking to be a more frequent contributor to this fantastic forum! I am a Tattooer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I've been tattooing for 5 years. No longer an LST Ex-Lurker hahahaha Thanks everyone! I'll have more content up on my page once I get off the iPad and onto the laptop to upload new photos of my work etc.