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    Tattoo artist and Super Secret Squirrel
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    Western New York
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    I like to draw and paint on things and people
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    Captain of White Tiger Tattoos Motley Pirate Crew

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  1. TeeJay

    Katie Rose

    portrait of his daughter
  2. TeeJay

    Library Lion

    Thank you. Me too. We all have tattoos that we do that wind up being favorites and this is definitely one of mine.
  3. TeeJay


    It's a dog.
  4. TeeJay

    Sons Portrait

    I used this for an ad for the shop and somehow managed to lose the original file.
  5. TeeJay

    Mike's Parents

    From a wedding photo that he snuck out of his parents house to have scanned. I was really worried about what his Mom was going to think when she saw it - but she was really happy with it and wrote to tell me so.
  6. hoping that this is the start of an Alice in Wonderland piece
  7. TeeJay

    Library Lion

    One of the lions from the front of the NYC Library
  8. This tattoo is a composite of a bunch of photos - most of which she took herself while diving.
  9. TeeJay

    Jakes Vader

    This is actually a cover-up, but I don't care. It was much fun anyhow.
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