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    my name is Yvonne and im married to Martin Robson whos an amazing tattooer we have just moved to england to start a new life not only with are lives but with tattooing hoping to find something ... well cant really tell you much about myself personal dont really know what to say
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    glastonbury somerset england
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    tattoo books, history of tattooing, flash, interviews, photography
  1. ya im pretty excited for him, ya that would be cool well hope all is well with you and are email is myrobson1969@gmail.com

  2. Hey guys thanks for the friend add .Great to see Martin has a spot at the Sweeden con,its an awesome line-up as well as cool for you guys on a social level .I'm still pumped on my new tattoo and would like more stuff from Martin when you get back -got a head full of ideas as usual.Thanks again and if its o.k. could I get your e-mail again ,think I misplaced it in my post tattoo haze .Hope your both well.

  3. hey there kyle just figured out how to add you on this thing hope all is well with you and the new tattoo

  4. a tattoo done by Martin Robson
  5. me and Rick Waters
  6. tattoo done by Martin Robson
  7. hey there shannon got your email got locked out of old account so created a new one, we will call you soon hope all is well - yvonne
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