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    my name is hambone..been tattoong almost 10 yrs now..started in the spring of 2001
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    i tattoo in spokane washington..opening my own shop called BOAR'S HEAD TATTOO PARLOR on Nov. 1st
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    tattooing..tattoo history..painting...video games..music..cars..murdercycles..
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    ummm..ink slinger

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  1. Thanks for finding some time to keep us all updated on your progress while having so much to do! If you have any magical secrets, and some "free time," do tell. I've been hoping more people would add to Nick's post, but maybe it's just that there are no easy answers. My kids are 4 & 1/2 and 17 months, so I have a genuine curiosity about how you could possibly be pulling it all off. I remember when Scott was building Blackheart, there's no way he could've pulled it off with 2 kids. Now that I say that, I know he could make it happen, but what's your secret?


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