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  1. Very true, it's gonna look a little weird until i get some other stuff around it!
  2. I managed to get in with Frank Carter again while he was at Frith Street Tattoo last week. He tattooed this eagle on my chest. The photo is from Frank's Instagram
  3. NathanShearer


    Tattooed by Frank Carter (Freehand)
  4. NathanShearer

    Girl and Wolf

    Tattooed by Frank Carter
  5. Tattooed by Frank Carter
  6. NathanShearer

    Jerry Pig

    Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  7. Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  8. NathanShearer

    Rock of Ages

    Tattooed by Emiliano Liberatori
  9. Tattooed by Frank Carter
  10. Tattooed by Chad Koeplinger - truly awful photography...
  11. NathanShearer

    Smoking Skull

    Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  12. Tattooed by Josh Sutterby
  13. Done by Frank Carter
  14. I got tattooed by Frank Carter again a few days ago. We tattooed some dice on my arm as well to fill some space which led to us rolling dice to decide the price. I lost...
  15. I got this snake and rose from Frank Carter at Frith Street Tattoo. The photo is from Frank's instagram.
  16. I got this nice skull gap filler the other day from Josh Sutterby.
  17. I got tattooed last weekend by Chad Koeplinger when he was visiting Frith Street Tattoo. Such an awesome guy and an amazing tattooer, I will be geting more tattoos from him in the future. Apologies in advance for the poor photography skills, the tattoo wraps around a bit because it's really swollen but i'll post a better photo as soon as it's had chance to heal properly!
  18. @bulldog At kids love ink east, just off brick lane from a guy called josh sutterby. He hasn't been tattooing that long (2 years) but he's doing some really great traditional stuff!
  19. Got this Jerry pig from Josh Sutterby a couple of weeks ago (the photo is from when it was fresh). Guess i'll have to get the rooster on the other arm now!
  20. getting tattooed by chad koeplinger in february, thats the only thing that's set in stone. I always try and keep money to the side in case frith street tattoo have any cancellations or guest spots that crop up!
  21. @Wedge personally i just dry wrap the tattoo, however i've heard that some people do use ointment and moisturiser. Also having cling film or any other bandage on will cause heat build up/moisture/sweat but I think that moisture on a tattoo isn't such a huge deal over the first two or three days as long as its washed regularly to prevent as much bacteria etc building up, it only becomes a problem when a scab has formed and the moisture softens the scab and makes the scab easier to detach. I could be completely wrong with this but the re-wrapping process has definitely led to easier and less s
  22. My old routine; keep the bandage on for a few hours then wash it before bed with hot water and soap. Re-wrap it and sleep then wash it in the morning and re-wrap it, wash it again before bed and re-wrap for the second night. Wash it the next morning and apply a small amount of bepanthen after every wash for the next three days. After that, wash it regularly and apply a small amount of E45 lotion whenever it gets dry until it's healed. This heals all of my tattoos fine but left me with a rash around the area that had been tattooed so i've tried cutting out various parts of that process with
  23. went into frith street on saturday to see if there was any space and got this sweet Rock of Ages by emiliano. If they have space for walk ins or if you can grab a cancellation you definitely need to go get tattooed there!
  24. NathanShearer


    Hey guys, new to the forum! I'm a Student living in London, get tattooed when I can afford it!
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