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    I am the owner of Speakeasy Tattoo Studio. I've been tattooing since 1992, and on the eternal search for that lightning flash of inspiration. I am married to my beautiful, smart, and peaceful wife Amber.
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    Chico, California, United States
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    Vegans, Tattooing, Veganism, Tattoos, painting, nature, Xbox
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  1. These videos are really inspiring to watch and to gain incite from. I think that every tattooer out there has experienced burn out and self doubt to some degree. To hear others that have been in the industry as long as you have talk about how they cope with burn out and find inspiration to keep pushing the envelope is so helpful.
  2. Thanks , honestly what brought me here was Scot Sylvias interviews that hes been doing. The have inspired me to try harder at what I do and to get involved in the tattoo community online.
  3. What's up new to this site thought I should get involved.
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