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  1. I can kill you with my brain....
  2. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted but I finally decided a few of my fandoms felt right! :) - - - Updated - - - I Can't wait to get my Sonic Screwdriver tattoo!!!
  3. Thats what were planing on doing. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone knew
  4. That was close. The battery did need to be jumped to start. But the battery i think he just bought. Luckily its under warranty so its not ganna be a problem to get fixed he just has to get it to the shop which is an hour away along with his truck. So he's been trying to figure out the problems that have cropped up.
  5. Well Its not mine....Its a friends that's now stranded at my house bc of his bike. I just figured I had nothing to lose asking. I don't have the list with me right now. He said it had to with the ......electric regulator thingy....on the front. my words not his.
  6. I have a list of dtc code can anyone help me find what they mean? I cant find anything for a 2012.
  7. I discovered this awesome theater over in Dallas. It has a bar in it and it shows classic movies. We watched the Charleston Heston "Planet of the Apes" and having a few drink that movie was amazing. lol it was even better that you could have your drink in the theater while watching the movie. This weekend they're showing 'Full Metal Jacket' I can't wait to go. I didn't know where else to put this. I figured this was a good place to share theater knowledge.
  8. Beth

    Book thread

    [quote name='iowagirl;71503 Cell I liked' date=' and Full Dark No Stars and Just After Sunset. I just dig him mucho. I like sci fi/fantasy stuff a lot too.[/quote'] Cell Was great!! They're talking about making it into a movie/short series. I understand that with the big zombie craz right now it makes since but I dont think its what the public is wanting. I loved it though and hope it does really well.
  9. Hello, and welcome. Your tattoos sound fine to me. Some people believe that they know more then others and need to "educate" others. It's your body. You have to look at it. If you're happy then forget what everyone else says.
  10. Even the first tattoo she did at the "prison" was horrible. and i felt the same way. Like she was trying waaaay to hard to show that she was edgy and "cool". It really gets me how people mostly women like her and the crazy bitch that walked out go on tv and think they have to fit into a stereotype in order to be accepted. You don't have to be loud and rude bc you're black and you don't have to be half naked to be attractive and you definitely don't have to shave your head to show that you can hang with the best of them. The biggest compliment i receive is "you don't look the type to....." We're not put here to fit into what everyone assumes we're suppose to be. I laughed when she started talking about how it wasn't fair that Tatu baby....(?) was staying bc she(belle) was better then her. I don't Like Tatu Baby either but at least she has SOME talent.
  11. He should have maned....mand.....manned....im going with maned...maned up and just said "I'm a good artist I'll give you great tattoo. Shut up and sit down." he let his nerves get the best of him and he cracked. But that belle chick was horrible and I've been waiting for her to leave anyway.
  12. The ones i have and the ones i want are tattoo related at all. They were just stuff I thought where cool. Books mostly, and history. And video games. There isn't really a traditional tattoo that I've been interested in. Like the Climbing Panther or Sparrows or Eagles. For me its I think are cool and want to carry it with me if I cant carry the actual thing. The main reason is I think something is awesome so by getting a tattoo i am able to share my interests with other people.
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