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    Hi im 48 years old ive been tatooing in portsmouth uk for 17 years ,ive been around the trade since i was 13 years old.I was working 10-12 conventions a year lately ive cut this down to 5 or 6 a year. I run a nice approachable studio which specialises in quality.
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    Tattoo artist

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  1. Thats me doing it ,i have got various stage pictures ill post when im finished .
  2. i think smoozing is rife in any industry in the public eye,i'm personaly very happy with what i produce and how i push myself,second guessing a trend or affiliating with the in crowd isnt an option.I do a limited amount of traditional work and if that means im not current oh well.perhaps one day the wind of change will blow in my direction perhaps not ,its certainly not something ill wait for or expect.at the end of the day if you dont sell out thats all that should matter to you .

    bird charriot

    birds with charriot
  4. [/ATTACH] heres one im about halfway through at the moment
  5. I find it depends on the show ,small busy shows with a lot of people taking photos and not asking can grate on my nerves.people will lean into your booth and use flash photography within inches of my face which as we all know hurts the eyes and interupts the work im doing while i wait for the white light to subside from my vision.I do think its a few assholes with no manners spoiling it for everyone else who know an obvious way to behave. Generally its never a problem with a bit of warning/politeness.Although as was mentioned before if a particular magasine has pissed you off you wouldnt be so willing.
  6. sternum and ass, really dont like my legs being done,also i prefer the right side of my body,being right handed i feel more in control of the pain.

    Battle Royale

    nice contrast ,very solid and really soft i like this a lot
  8. i think it was about ten years old when i covered it, it was a very early darren stares portrait done in colour,the cover is probably 5 now .the guy wearing it wasnt unhappy as such with the tattoo, but 15 years ago a lot of the colour portraiture on the uk scene wasnt as heavily saturated with colour as it is now .darren is a very talented artist and i thoroughly enjoyed ripping it out of him because i had to cover his work,on discussion he did say it was unfamiliar ground at the time and he felt it was too big so he compensated by trying to give it slightly less presense.
  9. nice and solid mate i love the tiger !!

  10. our general aftercare system is to rub bepanthen right into the tattooed area and to keep wrapped for three days (changing 3 or 4 times a day) this seems to help bypass the scabbing phase by reducing the body fluid / air reaction needed for the scab.after three days of this generaly there is not much body fluid loss.however extensivly tattooed people seem to start to react to the cling film after a day or so.all this said the ditch of the arm is still awkward,i tend to try and get customers to keep it greasy with ointment not smothered.
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