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  1. I'm working on the next pieces for my sleeve (first two pictures are my arm with the elephant piece). But was looking for some opinions on my filigree. Should I wait to get more pieces and then shade around/outside the filigree, or should I go ahead and get the filigree shaded darker? I want a darker sleeve in the end and have seen examples of both (2nd two pictures, one shaded inside, one shaded around). Thoughts? - - - Updated - - - Apologies, just realized I probably should have put this under the Tattoo Advice forum. Forgive the noob move.
  2. Looking to get a lantern on my forearm and some leaves & filigree filler to complete the lower half of my sleeve. Hopefully will have these done in the next two months, after some advice from this forum!
  3. Here's what I've got so far. Not really sure what style to go with from here. Any suggestions? - - - Updated - - - The owl and the elephant are tattoos for my two sons... planning on having another kid or two and getting an animal tattoo for them as well. So I need to save a couple spots for those. Should I keep using filigree to frame stuff up, or something else? Just don't want to have too many styles mashed up by the time I'm finished.
  4. - - - Updated - - - That's awesome man. Hopefully your pastor would appreciate awesome ink when he sees it!
  5. I'm a pastor and tattoos have become perfectly fine in of our field, depending on the denomination. Sometimes depends on the specific church leadership preferences as well.
  6. Yea I haven't seen many sleeves that use tons of stars or dots that looked great IMO. Unless it's for a traditional sleeve with color.
  7. Choosing the right filler is my biggest struggle too. Would love to know what the OP ended up doing on this one.
  8. My wife always tells me that if my tattoos would keep me from being employed by someone, I wouldn't be want to work there in the first place. Go all the way and find a career that won't look down on it!
  9. I agree on the shaded filigree suggestion. Could be an easy and killer looking way to make things flow from that tattoo to future pieces.
  10. Hey everyone. Excited to see some other great tattoos and hopefully get some great advice on ideas for my sleeve that I've got 3 pieces on so far!
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