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  1. So it seems like the general concensus i to just pack as many tattoos in as I can, leavina a little negative space around each one?
  2. I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for this. I wish I'd have put more thought into the placement of these tattoos, but it is what is and I'm at the point where I think adding any more to my arm will make or break the finished product. The guys that have been tattooing me aren't very helpful, and I would like to get some ideas before I go any further. One concern is the spaces around the cross. Should I fill them in with tattoos or just use filler here? Or a combination? What about the two portraits at the top; should I use filler around and above them, put a couple of tattoos around them, or what? I was thinking an antique frame around and between the two but I don't know that might look like shit. I have been really indecisive about this and I would really appreciate some opinions. Thanks
  3. I was thinking more along the lines if something more colorful..
  4. Maybe something on either Side of the blue rose, a little something. Main think I want to focus on in this next session is the background color for the sun and filler
  5. Hello, I have been doing alot of work to my right arm and I have come to the point where I've ran out of room for big tattoos, so it's time for some filler. I was hoping I could have some of you guys check out my pics and give me their opinion on what kind if filler and background to use. The sun was my first tattoo, and since it doesn't go perfectly with the rest of the work on my arm, I need to come up with a background that will help it mesh nicely with the mostly traditional pieces I have added. I was thinking about purple clouds, along with purple fill behind the other tats, but I've notices that I dont always have the best ideas, so any comments would be appreciated. I would also like to do more with the big blue rose, either more shading of more leaves or something, something is missing there. Thanks in advance imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer imgur: the simple image sharer
  6. SlowMoe

    Well Howdy

    What's up, Marcus, from Louisiana. I'm checking out this forum to hopefully get some inspiration for a Tat.
  7. I can usually do alright at zynga poker
  8. I'm debating on wether or not i should buy this
  9. I'm gonna post a pic in a bit.....
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