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    I had an informal apprenticeship with a guy about a year ago, learned the basics, and have been looking to get into a shop to do a real apprenticeship for awhile now. I take every minute I get out of every day to learn more about tattooing, whether by studying old sets of flash and magazines, watching interviews with old tattoo artists, getting tattooed, tattooing myself and friends, or hanging around shops. Since I held that first machine and finished that first tattoo, I could never work a regular 9-5 job again. Even if I stay broke, living paycheck to paycheck, I've never been happier than I am right now. Thats all I want.
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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Zoology, Film, Art, Tattooing (obviously)
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    Management, and exotic animal sales (until I'm in a tattoo shop)
  1. That may be the BEST tattoo story I've seen on this whole website so far! hahahaha
  2. My bad... I'm new and didn't see anything recent when I glanced so I just started one haha Sorry!
  3. Holy shit, I don't know if I should crack up laughing or feel bad. That's insane haha
  4. ZachZanone

    carnivore finished

    This is like one of the Mario plants, but on crack! Nice job haha
  5. As of late, teens have been getting STUPID tattoos because they are "hip" or "in". Give an example, and a picture if possible, of the dumbest tattoo you've had to do recently. For me, I'm going to be doing a Narwhal tattoo on some rave chick this week... I'd normally like to think it's due to the excessive use of drugs, but unfortunately it's just one of the tattoos become popular with the "hipsters". Let's hear them! ZZ
  6. I think it's important to wait until 18. I grew up in a military family where I was threatened daily that if I got any tattoos or piercings they would be ripped out, etc. Due to this, I thought over the tattoos I wanted for years and years. Now I'm 21 and every tattoo and piercing I have was thought through and planned out. Though I hated my parents for it at the time, I'm glad they did that when I was younger. Now I don't have any stupid rainbow colored owls or anything dumb like that hahaha. And also I have to say, all of that time I took researching tattoos and looking up meanings turn
  7. Yeah I actually have been watching the videos on YouTube for awhile and decided to join when I finally got some time. I'm just soaking up all of the information I can, wherever I can. And this is an awesome place for that I must say! Thanks! ZZ
  8. ZachZanone


    I'm new and wanted to say hello. I started an apprenticeship a year ago (luckily no money was involved) with a guy I was friends with and he dropped off the face of the earth. Luckily he taught me the basics so I was able to practice here and there. I've basically been hanging around shops here and there, learning what I can, getting tattooed, and looking for a good shop to apprentice in. I wish I could just get apprenticed the traditional way. Get treated like shit and ordered around for a few years. But unfortunately nowadays you just pay your way in for a quick 1-2 year apprenticeship. Eith
  9. I think it's funny seeing all of the stupid drama they feel the need to throw into the mix. I'll watch it if it's on and I'm sitting down drawing, but not anything I'd go out of my way to watch. But at least they've been tearing the contestants up for all of their errors. American Idol tells all of their contestants how good they are when 9 out of 10 of them suck.
  10. That top one of the two Native American heads is pretty sweet. Nice bit of detail for the size.
  11. Haha. The "tattoo" was faded enough he could've just had it covered anyways... If this was a real video of course
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