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  1. My artist said, it's a Maori tattoo, but he didn't knew what KIND of Maori it is. We both were just looking for best Maori designs and found this one with few alteration done. I may sound weird, but I don't believe in symbolism or any kind of goodness with a tattoo. I just loved the design, and hence I got it tattooed. I'm asking for more info because I should be aware of a permanent design tattooed on my arm. My friends said that Maori tattoos carries some unique meanings and symbol. Hence I got interested in knowing the meaning. Sent from my SM-N920C
  2. That's what exactly happened to me with my first tattoo.. It used to look exactly the same as yours right now. It's in normal healing process,dont worry. That skin will soon be scrapped out. Sent from my SM-N920C
  3. Hey all, I recently got my first tattoo inked and I'm really really happy with it. I was hell confused on what to get tattooed, so my tattoo artist suggested me a Maori tattoo. I fell in love with the design and it's look. I read through the internet that maori tattoos carries some unique meanings and symbol. There are various types of Maori designs and it's significance. Can someone pls tell me what kind of Maori design it is, the one I got tattooed? Sent from my SM-N920C
  4. Hello people, It's my first post here. I recently had a tattoo in my forearms. It's a Maori tattoo but I don't know exactly what type of Maori it is. Kindly have a look in the attached pic.
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