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  1. was thinking of a little geometrical on the background area, on the ‘wave’ like parts! thank you for your opinion on the color!
  2. i thank everyone for their kind words. i was thinking of adding a little geometrical into this sleeve, how do you think that would play out? also for the cherry blossom, i have opted for red, giving it slight highlights. would appreciate some advice!
  3. thanks once again for the polite replies. i understand what you guys means and i really mean it from my heart when i say, you guys have made me feel so much better than i have felt for the past few days.
  4. hi guys i am very thankful for the positive comments. i know it is decent as a few have said.. i guess a part of me just wonders if it can be better.. very indecisive.. like tattoo has been progressing over the years and mine being recent, i could have done so much better. has anyone ever felt this way?
  5. I currently have a full sleeve foodog tattoo which I dived into without much thought. People are telling me its decent and I should not put so much thought into it, but I'm terribly obsessed with its 'perfection' Hope to get some comments on how I can improve on it..
  6. I had had a tattoo removal done and 1 day after huge blisters started forming alongside tiny blisters. Read time and time again not to burst these blisters, but to let it pop themselves, so I went to work today and they sent me to the medical doctor and he immediately popped my blisters and cleaned it throughly before dressing it up. Question.. will this affect the removal in anyway? i read that reasons not to pop the blisters is to protect the wound from becoming infected.. so since he popped it in a sterile environment and after that dressed it up.. is it ok? also i read to let the laye
  7. i got these all over my leg after it was recently touched up on a few days back. any idea what these are called?
  8. i understand, it's just the ocd kicking in thanks for the tip. there are things you can do like lasik haha, but that is just on the side note :)
  9. i understand, but like mentioned on some online articles, it happens very frequently or almost all the time on palms, feet, fingers.
  10. sorry for the bad angle, but the lines seem smudged.. usually does this happen on the elbow? minor 'blowouts'?
  11. hi hi guys is the highlighted area a small blowout? cause it seems to have happened only after months after i got the tattoo.
  12. Just got some shading done, used a brand called walter ritter numbing cream. The numbing cream came out fine initially, but towards the end of the tube some liquid came out, which we threw away. Wrapped it in clingwrap and after 1 hour 30 minutes when we removed the clingwrap. We noticed redness on the skin like in the picture above.
  13. Hi guys thanks for the reply, I'll take the advice I'm given and see how the piece is after healing. Yes this will be a shaded piece. In Black/Grey. Question 2, if my arm develops something like a rash but it doesn't itches after trying out a new brand of numbing cream, what should I do?
  14. I posted it on tinypic, i can see it with no trouble. Which image sharing site should i post it? Edit: uploaded on post itself.
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