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  1. Hello!

    Thank you! The infection is clearing up now, the peeling and itchy phase is in full force right now. It's kind of amazing all the stages that injured skin can go through!
  2. Hello!

    Good advice. What's that saying....patience is a virtue? Tattoos are not for the faint-hearted...or the impatient....
  3. Hello!

    Hi there folks. I'm called Vita, and am working on a forearm half-sleeve. I have a total of 6 (left shoulder, wrist, back, right shoulder blade, inner forearm) tattoos. Most of them I got when I was much younger, with the forearm work being the most recent. I had somewhat of a mishap with my recent tattoo, here's the story on it: My tattoo was extremely painful for 4 days after I received it, and I was very worried it was infected. Well, it turns out it was! So I got meds, and things are getting better. But I am concerned about how the infection will affect my tattoo. I also fear it may not be healing properly? It is now day 8, and it is very dry and peeling, with little to no pain. My worry is that there are still some hard scabs on certain areas. I suspect the artist may have caused some scarring, overworked my skin, etc? Also, any advice on what to apply to keep it moisturized?Lubriderm dries out within 5 minutes. Aquaphor is good but I'm not sure I should still be using it at this point? Here are some progress pics. NOTE: The tattoo is not finished yet, and that's why it looks imbalanced. Description of the 4 photos: Day 2: What stands out to me here is the shading...i think it looks muddy. It is fading now, but I'm not sure I like it at all. Could be due to the fact it isn't finished yet, possibly? Day 4: The infection started at my elbow. :( Day 8 (today): The peeling/scabbing. You can see the black ink around the edges of the hair are hard scabs...kind of worried about those... Progress Pic (the 3 stages of the tattoo, still needing one more session to complete it all!) I'm sure i may be a little overly-worried. But tattoos are costly and permanent, so I do have anxiety on how it's going to end up! Any thoughts? Thanks!