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  1. Jriley1415

    Safe to get stick n poke tat redo if not fully healed?

    Also do hand tattoos fade fast? Also they are stick and pokes. I feel like I have done them correctly
  2. Yeah, if you responded to my last question, I’m the dumbass with a stick n poke that I didn’t let heal and picked at it. Getting it fixed tonight. But the skin still looks a little bit “stretched” if you will. Should I wait? And yes I am fixing it with a tattoo needles and black Buddha ink and a very safe and clean environment.
  3. Jriley1415

    How can I avoid tattoo peeling?

    To those who are asking if this was done in a shop, no it was not. It’s my first tat and don’t know how to treat it. People saying don’t let it peel, people saying let it peel. I need to know how to take care of this.
  4. Jriley1415

    How can I avoid tattoo peeling?

    I got a stick n poke tattoo a couple weeks ago and it was fine for about a week until I took a shower and skin started peeling, so I picked at it and now most of it has come off. I’m getting it fixed in a few days. Any advice?