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  1. For sure I just need to forget what I think others think and do what's good for me. I'd definitely like private rooms lol. The one tattoo place that I contacted looked wide open but they seem cool so I guess I have to figure that out. I cant afford it yet anyways cause its gonna be expensive so I definitely have time.
  2. Thank you! I'm just thinking about sitting there while the tattoo artist is tattooing me and just judging me but yeah even if the do I need to get over it if its something that I think will help me feel more confident. I'm 31 and need to start feeling better about self. I know it will be expensive to get whole back done but I think it will be worth it long run. I have alot of scar bumps but I need to get my break outs under control cause some of them can be bad. Like I said I appreciate all of you who comment.
  3. No I have not went to doctor about it. It's really embarrassing. I have 2 tattoos and they are on my arms but the reason I want it on my back is to cover the scars from my acne on my back. I emailed a tattoo shop near me that has won awards and stuff. They emailed me back a lengthy reply about tattooing on acne and stuff which I definitely appreciate. They said that depending on severity they could do it. They said I could send a pic of my back so they could see if they could help. Its definitely embarrassing though.
  4. I do appreciate all you taking time to reply. I believe when I save up enough money I'll try to get a full back tattoo. I have depression and that's something that adds too it and guess I need to come out of my comfort zone if I want to get it done and talk to artist. So basically i talk to just any artist? I didnt know if it took special kind of tattoo artist to do it.
  5. Hello all, I need some advice. I've had bad acne on my back when I was younger and still have problems with. The scarring brings my confidence way down and I never take my shirt off cause of it. I was wondering if there are special tattoo shops that deal with covering up the scars or how would I go about doing that. Guess I'm worried about being judged too much cause of it and don't want the artist to be sitting there looking at me in disgust. That's for any and all help.