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  1. Guys I'm seriously so happy, the scab came off today and it looks way better than I thought it would underneath!!
  2. Wow, that sucks so much that you're dealing with something similar. Well I know this doesn't help you much in the moment, but I'm so, so happy to say that most of my symptoms are now completely gone. So as long as you get a good antibiotic and listen to your doctor, there's a good chance you'll be fine. It took me a while to start seeing major improvement from the antibiotic but it worked like a charm in the end. I still had weird fluids coming out of it for days even after starting the antibiotic. Honestly that didn't fully stop until I was almost done with the treatment, which my doctor said it normal. Right now I still have the big ugly scab, but it's hanging on by a thread. Check out the pic. I have no pain at all anymore, the redness has gone down, etc. Now one thing you're having that I never experienced is the bumps. I didn't get that, so that actually makes me a bit worried you could have an allergy. I also didn't have a ton of redness (only like .... under the tattoo in parts where it's totally normal). But again, that could just be normal wound-healing weirdness. I think it's impossible to tell if it's an allergy until it heals up, unfortunately. Right now just try to keep a positive attitude. As someone who went through the exact same nightmare, there's a good chance you'll be fine before long. I know how it is: It seriously felt like it was NEVER going to get better, I was so upset for a while. But it's a huge wound! So the sad truth is it can take almost a month to heal from something like this. Just take your antibiotics and think long and hard about getting any more tattoos 😛
  3. Wow, that first one seems like a real nightmare. That's insane! Luckily I think that's some kind of freak thing 😛 But the second one had some good info, thank you. It seems like most reactions are relatively minor which is a relief. But I'm happy to say I haven't had much trouble at all over the past few days. If it even was an allergy (We really think it may have just been an infection at this point) it seems to be dying down pretty fast. But this whole experience definitely made me rethink getting more tattoos, and especially red ink!
  4. Oh, and one more question for you guys: The dermatologist seemed to think at least some of this was an allergy to the red ink? And my artist also mentioned it could be something to do with the red ink being "difficult to heal." The dermatologist actually warned me against getting other tattoos in the future and said I could have a "severe systemic reaction" if I did?! Does that sound a little extreme to you? Has anyone heard of anything like this? Either way I'm going to take a break from tattoos for a long while, LOL. I have enough to keep me happy for a long time. The artist just told me to come back for a touch up, haha. Like even if this was some kind of allergy, can't I just avoid red ink in the future and be good? I've had red ink on a bunch of other spots without issues, even in the same tattoo . . .
  5. It actually doesn't look half bad under the scab as it's coming off! Not nearly as faded as I thought it would be. I'm definitely going to post a pic once it's finally healed! For sure, I won't forget 🙂
  6. MoonWraith


    I've never had this happen personally, but I've seen a lot of people online talking about similar feelings. I'm sure you'll get over it eventually. If people can learn to carry on with life after getting an amputation or 3rd degree burns, you can get used to a tattoo. (Sorry if that sounds harsh, but the human brain is surprisingly adaptable.) If you still hate it in a few years, maybe you can get it lasered off? But that's seriously doubtful.
  7. I can admit I can be really OCD with stuff like this. Like my mind gets hyperfixated on something and it's all I can think about. I had really easy heals for all my other tattoos so this whole experience really caught me off guard. that must have sucked so bad to deal with it for six weeks, wow. These big scabs seem to take forever to go away. So you didn't have much fading etc underneath when all was said and done?
  8. A shot?? Wow, that's intense!! I've just been taking the pills. I'm finally starting to feel like there's an end in sight, lol.
  9. Okay, so since a lot of people here helped me I wanted to post an update. I ended up going to another doctor on Sunday because the pain was still really bad and I noticed a little bit of green ooze. She examined it really closely and said that based on the redness beneath the planchette, the heat in the area, and the pain: it could be cellulitis. So I got put on an antibiotic and I've been taking it for 5 days. She wasn't 100% sure but said it's better to be safe. After taking the antibiotic for one day the pain went way down. Currently I don't have much pain at all except for a little surface crap from the scab. It's NOTHING compared to what it was before. Based on how quickly the antibiotic helped I really think it may have been infected. The stabbing pains, extreme pain when standing, etc. is all gone. My tattoo artist finally got back to me and she didn't think it was infected, but rather that it could be a reaction to the ink. I sent a pic to my dermatologist and she said the same thing. So honestly no one really knows wtf is going on, but THANKFULLY it finally seems to be improving. I attached some pics from today. I still have a tiny bit of redness in the yellow area surrounding the planchette, and it still oozes a little bit. It still hurts but it's mostly just normal scab stuff at this point, nothing major. But the scab is shrinking and the pain is much better. This really has been a nightmare heal! I'm not putting anything on it anymore, I just use a tiny bit of hydrocortisone around the outside when it gets real dry (at the advice of the dermatologist)
  10. Wow, that's insane!!!! I can't even imagine. Thanks for sharing your story, it makes me feel better to know other people went through the same thing and I'm not imagining the pain, haha. The stabbing pains are getting better slowly but surely. It still hurts but not as badly as it did. I haven't taken an ibuprofen since yesterday afternoon so that's definitely a huge improvement (for a while it hurt so much I basically needed to take ibuprofen at all times)
  11. Update: So the planchette is scabbing pretty intensely now. It's still oozing clear fluid a little bit too. I've been washing it 2x a day and using Cerave. I'm kind of worried this huge scab is going to screw up the tattoo when it heals but there's no way I'm letting a needle near that spot ever again, even for a touch up 🤐 The pain isn't as intense now but still there. It definitely seems to be improving, but very slowly.
  12. It's doing a bit better today. The whole planchette is basically a giant scab but the pain has been better. I can now officially touch it without extreme pain, lol. The scab hurts but at least it's progress. I only washed it 2x today and used nothing but a little lotion after. I think it's finally starting to improve slowly but surely.
  13. I just got an ankle tat too and mine hurt like hell but never got red like that. Honestly it looks like it might be infected?? I'd get it checked.
  14. NY State Fair, not MN. There must be a lot going on all over the country. 😛 I'm sure I can find something just as good at the one here though. I think I'm still going to go but really take it easy and not do a ton of walking, take breaks, etc.
  15. I used Cerave on it a while ago. Honestly it's the best it's felt all day. I went for a walk and believe it or not I barely had any of the stabbing pains. I'll see about Aveeno instead of Cerave when the drugstore opens tomorrow though. Honestly maybe the fluid is a good thing because it means it's pushing some of it out?? Less fluid = less pain 😛 The soap I've been using is Dial Gold, I think that's antimicrobial.
  16. Update: It started to do this after I washed the salve off and put lotion on?? Looks like mostly clear fluid but this has by far been the hardest heal I've had yet. Never had a tattoo ooze this long after getting it done!
  17. Thanks for the reply. It definitely seems to improve a little more each day. I just put a tiny bit of lotion on it and I'm going to try to let it breathe without all the salves. It's still oozing a bit of clear fluid but I think it's just trying to form scabs so it can do its thing. I'm just gonna try to stop thinking about it.
  18. Honestly at this point I hope it's psychosomatic. XP I wouldn't put it past my brain at all. I just opted for Cerave instead of antibiotic ointment so hopefully it goes up from here.
  19. Do you think I should still do lotion though or just let it dry heal??
  20. LOL! Yeah, I suppose you're right. She said it definitely wasn't infected and it was probably just a weird trauma response. And the tattoo artist said something about water retention? I think it's probably just got a lot of inflammation from the initial trauma and that's why it's being such a pain. And thanks!! Yeah I love the way it came out and everything, I can't wait until it's healed so I can appreciate it haha. I haven't gotten to enjoy it much yet just because of this whole healing fiasco 😛
  21. Yeah, at this point I wonder if I'm overworking it. 😛 Basically I've still been treating the planchette part like an open wound (washing 4x a day, triple antibiotic, etc). I think I'm gonna try washing it less and maybe switch to lotion since it's been a week.
  22. I know you're right. It's just so hard because I get stir crazy. I don't know what I would have done if I had a job where I had to be on my feet all the time!
  23. So last Thursday (exactly 1 week ago) I got a huge tattoo that goes basically from my knee to my ankle. I got the lines and color in one session (around 4-5 hours). Most of the tattoo is healing nicely by now but my experience with the lower shin/ankle has been a nightmare!!!! I’ve attached some photos. Most of the trouble is happening in the planchette/eye, and those three little leaves right beneath it. The ankle/shin bone area. Right after I got the tattoo my leg was EXTREMELY swollen, but that happened with my other leg tattoo too so I didn’t dwell on it. However for the first few days the pain was extreme. I could hardly stand up without getting this crazy stabbing pain in my lower ankle. It was a feeling like blood rushing down there real quickly and sharp stabbing. Thankfully it’s not so severe anymore, but I’m still having some pretty moderate pain in my ankle area basically all day long. For the first couple days standing up was basically unbearable. I could hardly walk across the house. The pain isn’t as bad as it was but to be fair I’m taking Ibuprofen like 3x a day. It freaked me out so much I went to the doctor a couple days ago! I was worried that I had some kind of infection or something crazy just because the pain caught me off guard so much. She examined it real closely and said it didn’t look infected, and that it was probably just from trauma to the tissue and inflammation. Basically she didn’t seem worried at all and acted like it just needed time (I agree with her on that). She said if there was an infection (which there probably wasn’t) it was just a tiny surface one and I should just put antibiotic ointment on it. She didn’t seem tattoo savvy at all though, so she didn’t instill a lot of confidence if that makes sense. How should I be taking care of the problem areas? I’ve been hyper-vigilant with aftercare and I’ve been washing the planchette and those leaves like 4x a day. I’ve also been applying triple antibiotic ointment to the planchette/eye and the leaves. I’m not worried about the rest of the tattoo at this point at all, I’ve just been washing it in the shower and putting Cerave on it. The rest is golden. But honestly I’m kind of freaking out about the pain at this point!! It’s been 7 days and I’m still having stabbing pains all the time, getting aches if I don’t keep my leg up, etc. I know I probably sound like a baby but at this point I’m worried it’s going to last forever. It doesn’t keep me from walking anymore. I can walk around the neighborhood without severe pain, etc. I can stand without feeling like I’m being stabbed, etc. I’ve been taking ibuprofen a lot which the doctor advised me to do because it would reduce inflammation. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Should I just suck it up and give it time? How long will it be until I can expect these bizarre stabbing pains to stop? I basically haven’t been able to go anywhere or do anything fun all week 😕 I’m supposed to go to the state fair tomorrow and I’m worried about all the walking! Mostly I’m just interested in seeing if anyone else went through something like this. Is it normal to still be having this much pain a week later? The planchette is finally starting to peel a bit (YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW RELIEVED THIS MAKES ME, LOL) . . . But the problem area is still very tender. Should I be using neosporin still or switching over to Cerave? I need advice on how to care for it at this point. TL;DR: Please advise on how to care for the bottom half which has started peeling but is still painful.